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VOUBS | About Us

VOUBS is a one of a kind, first ever innovated platform that allows you to create, host, and manage online contests as a way of marketing creatively.

The Creator and Team behind VOUBS

VOUBS is a Bulgarian startup company, initiated by serial entrepreneur, Vasko Vasilev. The project was developed by a team of 7 developers, who are currently co-founders of ReactivIT. The creator as well as the development team is innovated and dedicated. They wanted to bring together a unique solution and so, they did. After a long period of planning, conceptualizing, researching, creating, and testing, VOUBS was successfully created as a platform that assists brands to host online contests and users to take part in various contests, all in one place.

Contests, an Exciting Way of Marketing

Contests are a new and innovative way of marketing and audience growth. They are innovative, fun, quick to attract people, and very effective in terms of expanding a brand or company’s exposure and audience. Additionally, contests have a stimulant for the general audience as well: great prizes. With this attractive feature, the chances of people participating become high and so does your exposure. However, creating these contests has always been somewhat of a hassle. VOUBS changes that.

Who Uses VOUBS?

VOUBS works two ways: one is for brands, businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs, etc. who can host contests, and the second is for users where they can participate in a variety of contests.

First of all, VOUBS allows all types of brands, businesses, agencies, companies, and entrepreneurs – no matter what kind or size – to host contests as a way of unique marketing strategy. They can try out the innovative way of gaining followers and exposure by holding contests that provide prizes and giveaways to participants and winners.

Secondly, VOUBS is one comprehensive platform that offers countless types of contests for users to participate in. If any user is interested in joining any kind of contest to win or just for entertainment, they can use VOUBS to search and find interesting contests.

The visitors of VOUBS are automatically the extra audience of brands and businesses that host the contests!

Create Contests Easily, Run them Even More Easily

With VOUBS, creating online contests has never been easier! In fact, anyone who wants to can create their very own contest in just a few minutes. You can make any kind of contest and your contest users can post videos, photos, or text files to participate in the contest. We have templates ready for automatically creating contests or you can simply choose to make your own, which is also very easy to do.

Anyone who wants to create a contest will be provided the full mechanism of the contest to easily create them but additionally so, they will enjoy the added audience of VOUBS itself. All our visitors will be open to check out and participate to your contest, and since we are an online contest oriented name, many of our visitors will be hungry for contests!

Contests that you create will be completely yours in every way. You will get your own page with address, have your own blog, be able to add sponsors, custom color your page to match your brand colors, send messages, and of course, organize new contests. These contests will also be completely created and run by you. You can choose from a plethora of options for your contest such as entrance fee, levels, ways of voting, minimum number of participants, prizes, administrator, region (what country/countries audience can participate), etc. In fact, you also hold the potential to earn extra income from your page via sponsors and ads. In all these ways, your contest is completely yours and VOUBS takes care of the hard work of the mechanism.

Unique, Exciting, and Effective!

VOUBS is a concept that has never been touched upon before. We are excited to extend this unique service to our partners, allowing them to create contests easily, without wasting any time or money. Also, we are excited to provide a contest platform for users, where they can find and engage in a variety of contests to win!

With VOUBS, you can now expand your brand awareness and exposure, promote products or services, attract audience, gain more followers, and market your brand effectively. No matter what type of business or brand you run, you can benefit from this fun way of marketing.


VOUBS is a trademark registered and owned by Famozzo Group Corporation registered in Bulgaria, Sofia, bul. Vasil Levski 123, VAT: BG203171695. Contact us at info@voubs.com