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About Voting



We already know that VOUBS offers amazing solutions for contest organization. One significant perk of creating a contest on the platform is the trustworthy, protected, non-deceiving, crystal clear voting system on which world top class contests count.


What is the recipe for the secure voting of the contests organized by VOUBS? 

The assessment who shall be the winner of the contest is a calculation of 3 types of voting:

Jury voting;

Public Voting;

- Additional WINGS voting. 

Each contest has its own unique system for calculation chosen by its creator. In the rules on the contest page is mentioned whether the winner would be picked on the basis of jury voting, public + additional voting or on the basis of the 2 types.  The weight of the types of votes is also defined specifically for the contest.


What are the different types of voting like? 

A pre-defined jury of members competent in the area of the contest (between 1 to 10 people) assess the participating media. They give their voting from 1 to 10 points for each of the entries in the contest. If anybody of the jury did not vote for a media, then it is considered that this media is assessed by 0 points. The total of each member of the jury voting makes the final jury result. As we have already mentioned, it is possible that a contest does not have jury. Then the applicable rules for jury voting are not taken into account. It is only the public and additional voting that matters in those cases.  


Public voting is the total of 3 elements representative for the public behavior about each media:

- The rating which the users give for this mediafrom 1p. to 10p. The points are calculated by their average.

-  Number of voteshow many users have voted for the media, as we are taking into account the fact that users can vote for only the media that they want, they are not obligated to vote for all of the media.

-  Number of visitshow many times the page of the media has been opened.

Actually, the importance weight of the 3 elements for choosing the winner of the public is kept as a trade secret in order to avoid abuses with the public voting.

If there is the option for public voting, for sure there is additional WINGS voting which represents voting by payment by the virtual currency of VOUBS. One WING is equal to 1 vote.  The entry with the most WINGS at the end of the contest will receive the maximum % of additional voting which is meant to influence the winner’s selection. All the rest will receive smaller % in comparison to the leader of the contest.

Don’t be surprised if public voting and additional voting are not possiblethis means that the organizer wants only and solely the assessment to be done by the appointed competent jury.


How can I vote?

Here comes the hottest question about voting which most probably you want to find the answer. Trust me, it is very simple!

Firstly, you should register on our website with user’s profile. Then you go in the contest in which you want to express your opinion and then click on the blue button “Vote”.



After that chose the rating which you want to give for the media between 1p. to 10p..



If you want to give additional WINGS voting for the media, you should click on the button “Vote” which is next to the sign of our virtual currency WINGS.



Then you only need to choose with how many WINGS you want to vote and to confirm.



The result of each entry is shown in its page, but if the organizer decided, it might be possible only at the end of the contest.

Now you are ready to start pondering which is your favourite entryyour vote matters!