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 Core Values



VOUBS is a world leader in organizing and promoting contests. In the following text you can find our Code of Ethics containing the core values which all our employees share.

Our corporate culture comes down to a few basic manners of behavior which make VOUBS trustworthy partner for any business.

Opportunity-makers – doing our best to provide our customers opportunities to create their contest and / or promote it so they would reach their goals.

Client-orientated – we do put effort to understand the interest of the contest participants as well as the one of the organizers; the website is user friendly and it develops in the direction daily.

Promise-keeping – when we are engaged with a task, we are really into it. We keep our word. Once said, will be done. We would not tell you impossible things, we only take onto initiatives that can be completed.

Communication – we talk with people, we want the feedback in order to have constant improvement; we value the opinion of everyone.

Respect – good attitude is deserved by anyone; we give the admiration that everyone deserves and we would not undermine anyone of any age, sex, religion, etc.  All people are equal for us.

Privacy – we do keep the privacy of our users. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Transparency – it appears in all our actions; we act crystal clear on each and every topic. We have a transparent voting system, protecting our contests of fraud and making our platform extremely trustworthy.

Innovative thinking – as it is 21st century we never slow down our creative thinking and desire for offering the best possible solutions. Crazy-brave ideas are not forbidden, just the opposite – we are looking for the novelty regardless how impossible seems to be in order for it to become reality.