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Play for fun 

Or why and how to organize a free contest? 




Have you participated in a contest? Does not matter if online or any other type. 

Most probably you have. And most of the times you always want something better  in the rules, in the task, in the assessment points, etc. 

Now you get the chance to organize a contest absolutely for free, to see what is it like to be from the other side, to be the boss of the game. 


Here are some reasons why you should do it:  

1. You will choose topic which you are most fond of;

2. You will get interesting propositions on your topic;

3. You will appoint the jury members;

4. You will make someone hope to win;

5. You will provide the chance people to get noticed;

6. You will broaden you network of specialists or enthusiasts in your area;

7. You will get new experience;

8. You will get better!


You have already taken the decision to be the organizer of the contest. How to do it technically? Super easy!  

     Go on the home page and choose ‘Create contest’ from the upper part;


     Click on the option for creating a contest for fun




The contest plan For Fun has a number of parameters set. It is free for entry from the users, available worldwide without any country limitations, there is number of maximum media registered, each user can register ONLY THREE media, the jury members must be 3, the voting is made both by jury and public, the duration of the contest is 30 days and the ranking is visible.


    After selecting the type, you go to Step 1 of the contest creation where you need to choose: 


        the language: if it will be Bulgarian, English or both. If you choose both, mind that below you need to fill in the 2 languages the title and description;

         title of the contest: be careful not to exceed 70 symbols;

         contest purpose: here you have the only option coming from the menu: fun;

         description of the contest: it must be at least 200 symbols;

         contest cover: you need to upload contest cover, use jpg, gif or png file with size close to 1920x600px;

         if you have additional rules, you need to write them down on this step;

         choose the type of file allowed to be uploaded as media:  picture, video, audio or documents;

         select if the contest is for professionals or for amateurs or for both of the categories of people;

         choose between our 33 contest disciplines: which is the main category of your contest;

         select the sub-discipline/s which correspond the most to your contest;

         view the options about target communities & choose which type of people would be most interested about your contest;


    Step 2 is all about assessment. There you will see that you will be shown as contest owner. Then you need to select the 3 jury members: write their names so the invites will be sent. If there are any rules for the jury or for the administrator who will accept the media, you need to fill them in.



Now you just to wait a day or two for the VOUBS admin to check your contest and accept it. 


Don’t forget to share your contest and invite friends.