How To Create Contest



As you have entered in VOUBS, most probably you have already realized that this is the mecca where you want your contest to be hosted. More than 100K registered users, hundreds of active contests, etc. but also easy way for you to manage a contest. Without any efforts! Go on readying if you want to see how easy it is, indeed!

How To Create Contest

To create a contest, it is necessary to have a registered user account first. Once past that step, you only have to:

  1. Visit our home page
  2. Select the “CREATE CONTEST” button

     create contest

  1. Choose the contest plan which suits your needs. There are 3 options available:

- Contest for fun with already set parameters like entry free, duration of 30 days and no award

- 100 WINGS fun with already set parameters like entry free, duration of 30 days and award of 100 WINGS sponsored by VOUBS

-  Custom Contest where you have unlimited options about all the parameters – you can be the sole jury of your contest, you can stimulate participation by adding award, you can have your competition for as many days as you want, etc.


4.       Fill in the 4-step form with the data you would like to be visible on VOUBS about the contest 

5.       Wait a day or two for the administrator of the web site to approve your contest for fun or 100 WINGS. If your contest is custom, then the administrator will contact you personally in order to have guarantee for the awards which you want to give via our platform and to explain you the costs which, trust me, are very low.


Recommendations for the contest organization 

1.       Choose an accurate contest name both interesting and summarizing the idea of the contest

2.       Describe the contest briefly in an understandable manner what people are expected to do to win. Motivate them to join in by explaining the purpose of the competition.

3.       State the rules for the contest precisely so it would be clear for everyone and no objection would turn up in the process or registration of winners selection

4.       Choose a nice cover for the contest. This is a very important part of the fast process of creating a contest because it is exactly the cover which welcomes and attracts the users to join in.  Try to have size close to 1920px x 600px in order for the cover to be perfectly visualizedBe careful for the cover not to be larger than 2MB;

5.       Choose the time of the contest carefully as well as the time for open registration and voting;