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How To Join Contest


Well, well… So you have finally started to recon upon joining a contest. Maybe because you want to overcome your fear of not being the chosen one? We are glad to understand that!

First thing that you need to know about joining a contest in VOUBS is that you never lose! And we are not talking only about the cliché that we all learn by trying. Yeah, that certainly is true. But we mean that first or second or last place in a contest in VOUBS, you never know when your work will be reviewed and most importantly by who.

Next thing important is that joining is easy – you can relax on your sofa in the evening, drinking some good wine and then hoppp! You are part of an international competition.  


Let’s check out the fast steps to join in a contest.

1)      Chose the contest you want to participate in and click the ‘Visit’ button ( if you hesitate which contest is for you, click the ‘read more’  which you can find down on this page)



2)      The private page of the contest will be visualized for you. After having read all the rules, requirements, etc. of the specific contest, you need to click on the ‘Join’ button. If there is a sign next to the button, it shown that there is entry fee. Depending on the contest, it could be in euro, dollars or WINGS. WINGS is the VOUBS currency which you can either buy or win in a contest.



3)     Once done with the procedure of payment, if any needed, then might be required to fill in some missing info from your profile in order for us to contact you if you with. Don’t worry: it is not a long list, only we need to know your names, e-mail and phone to contact, area of interest, county and date of birth to verify you are not an adolescent and you can join.

4)      Next step is uploading your entryMind that it should not be bigger than 1GB. When uploading it, you also need to:

-          Chose title of your entry no longer than 70 symbols;

-          Decide if to put tags about it which describe its meaning, function or type;

-          Decide if you would like to write short description of your entry.


The only thing left to be done is to hit the ‘Send’ button.

Congrats! Now you are an official Voubster