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Jury Members in VOUBS



‘Jury member’ is a collective term referring to a group of users on VOUBS with specific rights and obligations in terms of voting and juried competitions on the platform. It represents a state of the user account, possible for acquisition by all registered and verified members of the community.

VOUBS gathers and invites professionals from all walks of life to use their expertise in online contests. In return for their knowledge and time investment, VOUBS allows them to earn money while they maintain the security and transparency of the competitions on the website.


Membership definition

Jury members are real people with verified identities on VOUBS. These people come from different levels of society and they have different types of jobs. Their main purpose is to combine efforts, professional experience and knowledge and to provide more transparency and reliability to the winners' selection process. Each jury member must be approved by VOUBS to acquire a jury member rights and permissions. The same will have the obligation to review all media in a contest, vote for them and earn money for his online activity. Once approved, a ‘Jury member’ badge appears on the profile of the jury account holders. Comments of jury members are also distinguishable from the rest.

Currently, three different types of jury profiles are available.


A regular user, part of the jury team of a specific contest.

Invitation only feature.

Regular users could also be jury members but with a limited set of additional permissions. The requirement for such user to become a jury member is to be exclusively invited by VOUBS or an organizer of a contest. Jury status, under these terms, is not acquired and regular users do not become approved jury members. They obtain privilege only for the competition in which they are invited until it lasts

If an organizer decides to gather a jury team using this method, it is his sole responsibility to take actions for jury selection. Due to this reason, VOUBS can guarantee neither the experience nor the skill set of the invited people. The latter is not valid only in case VOUBS is the organizer and invites people who are well-known and trustworthy.

The remuneration of those users, their voting powers and commitments are not defined by VOUBS and are due from the invitation sender.


Approved jury member, not part of the jury team of any contest.

A permanent jury member state.

VOUBS maintains a network of experts from all around the globe. This network is growing constantly and consists of people with proven specialization, identity and loyalty to the community. All jury members are approved by VOUBS before acquiring permanent jury profile status. Once accredited, jury members are obliged to maintain their status with a minimum number of reviews, comments and votes over a given time. Inactive users with jury status are demoted to regular users. On the other hand, active jury members are able to vote, comment and review media in active contests and earn money. Earning money follows a pre-described payment model and accrues bonuses on the jury profiles.

Approved jury members could apply their permissions to all active contests, regardless of whether they are amongst the official selected jury team for a given competition.


Approved jury member, part of the jury team of a specific contest.

Official jury team members of hosted contests.

Approved jury members can be reviewed by all businesses and other users on VOUBS. Contest hosts on VOUBS, whether businesses or other users are referred to as ‘organizers’. Organizers have the right or are even required at times, to hire a professional jury team for their contests. In such cases, organizers can use VOUBS's database with approved jury members from many different fields. This ensures fair play to all participants and provides a source of payment and acknowledgement to the jury members.

Remuneration with these hired jury members is negotiated with the organizer along with duties and permissions. Even though the organizer is hiring professional jury members, transparency of all votes is applicable at all times. Jury members are duty-bound to be objective in their reviews, comments and votes.


Steps for becoming an approved jury member

As a regular registered user, you have to meet specific criteria, set by VOUBS, to become a jury. The community expects all approved jury members to be reliable people with vetted skills. Requirements include, but are not limited to:

  •  Identity verification. When you voluntarily apply for a jury member, you are required to authenticate yourself by showing your ID card, passport or driver’s license. To do that you can directly contact VOUBS administrators or e-mail the team;
  •  Personal photo. To become a trustworthy member of the community, you must bebe open and transparent to everyone. One of the first steps is to provide up-to-date, clear and easily visible personal photo;
  •   Personal information. Fill in all personal information, describing you as a professional. Give us details about your job, your qualifications and years of experience. You can always include awards, certificates or other additional information;
  •   Social media recognition. Brand yourself by adding your social media accounts – either personal or commercial;
  •  Payments method. Provide PayPal account or bank account for withdrawal of your earnings;
  •  VOUBS interview. You may be asked to provide additional materials or information about you. VOUBS preserves this step as an ultimate way to satisfy the strict procedures for approval.

The pursuance of the above steps leads to the final step. For any questions of the above steps, contact us at info@voubs.com.


Application and approval processes

When a regular user performs all necessary actions on improving his user profile application follows. If you are that user, what is left is to apply on the designated page, suited for jury member applicants. This instance can swiftly be accessed through the ‘Apply for Jury‘ button. To find that button you should first:

Log into VOUBS with your credentials.

Place your cursor over your name on the upper right frame of the website.

Select the above-mentioned button from the hover menu.


Approval phase

Upon submitting your application, the approval stage begins.

A member of VOUBS receives your application and you receive an e-mail for your application being reviewed. Within 14 days, VOUBS approves or denies your request. In the meantime, you might be asked to provide any necessary additional information, if such is needed.

If approved, VOUBS immediately promotes your account to a jury member. 


Permissions and obligations of a jury member

Acquiring a jury member status empowers you to do more good to the community, but also prevents you from using some of the features.


Main duties

For the better of all VOUBS users, you are obliged to:

  • Vote for any media you want only once
  • If you are a part of a jury team, then you are obliged to vote for all media
  • Use English as an official language, unless otherwise instructed
  • Announce your criteria for your ratings with a message on each contest page



To avoid speculations with votes, VOUBS prohibits you from:

  • Having more than 1 account;
  • Entering contests;
  • Receiving personal messages from other users;
  • Tolerating personal favourites


Acknowledgement of your skills

Being a jury means it is expected from you to assess entries as an expert. For that, you receive a higher voting strength. All your votes are multiplied by 30. This means any rating your choice, on the scale from 1 to 10, will be lead to 30 times higher rating score.

For all media reviews, comments and votes you do, you are paid.

You are paid in virtual currency and that currency you can convert into real cash.

Special ‘Jury member’ badge and entry into our list of approved jury members.

Get awarded as the best jury member for the year with a cash prize and a statue.


Earn money through your online activity on VOUBS

Earning money is easy with the two options that VOUBS offers you. You can follow the two options and it is up to you to decide if you want to keep or spend your earnings.

The first option…

…pays for your votes, reviews and comments in any active contest. Your activity sessions are calculated and accrued, and whenever you reach a pre-set goal, you get paid. Later, when you collect 200 WINGS, you can withdraw the amount to your bank account and receive 64 EUR within 14 days.

The second option…

…for payment is by becoming an official jury team member. Businesses on VOUBS are looking for professional juries to ensure that their participants are satisfied with the rules and criteria for winners. More and more organizers are hosting juried competitions and some of them are required to do so. You can negotiate your payment or earn per every vote for an entry in the contest, which could be a minimum of 0,1 EUR per vote. 


In a nutshell

Jury members are a special part of VOUBS. See that ‘Apply for Jury’ button on your profile? Click on it and you will become one!

Highly appreciated for your devotion, you will vote with 30-times higher rating score, receive a special acknowledgement on VOUBS, get remuneration from businesses for participating in their official jury team and still earn money for every media you review, vote or comment!

Are you looking for the application page already? See the requirements above and submit your application right before the end of the year.

You can even become the best jury member and receive an award and a golden Pegasus statue!