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With the current document I declare that I am informed by Foundation “Research Centre for Online Contests”, Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and address of management: Sofia, Blv 123 Vasil Levski, VAT 1771305158 as owner of the website : www.voubs.com, offering the service : “Voubs“ to the e-society by meaning of the Bulgarian Law for e-commerce and as organizer of the service, and also in its role of Administrator of data by meaning of the Bulgarian Law for personal data protection and Regulation № 679/2016 of The European Parliament and Council of April, 27th 2016 about protection of the individuals in terms of processing personal data and of free movement of such, about the conducted by Foundation RCOC processing of my personal data as user of the service I give my voluntary consent, well-informed, clear, non-ambiguously for RCOC to process the collected of my side personal data and information, including saving them in its database of the website, for the following purposes: а) for the purpose of the offered by Foundation RCOC as owner of the website www.voubs,com, service „Voubs “, including but not exclusive, in relation to my registration, verification and identification on this website as Registered user of the service; b) for the purpose of the quality management of the service c) for the purpose of direct marketing done by the service d) for  the purpose of advertising products and servicing of the internet page of the service to others;

I declare that my personal data that I provided to the Administrator: names, date of birth, address, profession, e-mail and contact phone number, I gave it voluntarily and informed about the purpose of providing it.

I declare that I am informed that the given with this declaration consent to The Administrator is legal basis for processing my personal data which remains the same without my explicit disagreement.

I declare that I am informed that if I refuse to provide to the Administator my personal data, I will not be a registered on the website as Registered user of the service and I will not be able to make a contract for using the service.

I declare that I am informed that after cancellation of the given of my side consent, The Administrator does not have the right to use my personal data for the above-given purpose and that he is obligated to erase my User’s profile and Password.

I declare that I am informed by the Administrator that I have right of personal data protection by handing in complaint as per the method and conditions of the Bulgarian Law for Personal Data Protection, as well as that I can cancel the given consent for processing of personal data at any time by sending notification to the website, by using the following e-mail info@voubs.com