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 Promote Your Work



You have checked our website and it is interesting for you. Nice! 

You have registered user’s profile. Cool! 

Then you have liked a contest in which you want to participate. Perfect! 

You have worked hard and you produced media by which you want to participate. More than perfect! 

Aaaand now… after you have registered it creepy questions pop-up into your mind: 

·     Will I win?

·      How to become the winner?

·      Do I stand the chance?

·     What if nobody notices my work?

 ·    What can I do in order to increase my chances for winning?


To stop the torture of these questions (or at least to decrease the anxiety and to calm down that you have done everything that you could), the only thing left for you is to promote your work! 

Of course, you can promote not only your own media, but the one of a friend or the one that you think that deserves to win the most.


What are the characteristics of a promotion? 

No worries, we would not bore you with long lesson of online marketing. Briefly, we will decode for you a few terms. 

VOUBS offers 3 ways of promotionsthe so-called Promo Packages. Each one of them has the following 4 basic characteristics: 

-        Ratingthe number of 10 points which the media will receive automatically as voting from the promotion at the moment of payment; 

-      Positionwhere the advertisements will be placed. In all of our 3 Promo Packages offered for the moment, the advertisement will be visualized on all of the VOUBS pages; 

-        Max clicksthis is the maximum number of clicks on your advertisement. When you reach them, your advert will be no longer active; 

-        Max impressionsthis is the maximum number of visualizations of your advert for the users. 

NB: If the number of clicks was not reached but your advert is no longer active, this means that the max number of impressions was reached. The opposite correlation is also applicable.


What types of Promo Packages are there? 

Here are the options between which you can select: 

1.      Mini Booster – when paying 5 WINGS, the media receives 3 times rating of 10 (top rating), the promotion continues up to 30 clicks to media or up to 5,000 impressions 

2.      Best Offer - when paying 20 WINGS, the media receives 18 times rating of 10 (top rating), the promotion continues up to up to 250 clicks to media or up to 40,000 impressions 

3.      Mega Offer - when paying of 80 WINGS, the media receives 90 times rating of 10 (top rating), valid promotion up to 2000 clicks to media or up to 200,000 impressions 


But how to promote? 

Easily! Go on the page of the media which you want to promote. Then click on the virtual button “Promote” which you can find on the lower right corner.




After that choose the Promo Package which is the most suitable for you. Then process to payment in order for your media to be visualized on all our pages in the same manner as the one in the red square is (see picture below).  


Thumbs up for winning!