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How To Submit Contest



The CEO and every team member on VOUBS continuously put efforts to create, gather and maintain database of online contests. At the end, you are the consumers of our lists with fresh, interesting and valuable competitions with appealing prizes. To provide you with such content, we are required to always be on the lookout for new one.

After multiple team briefings and brainstorming sessions, we took a decision. We will include you, the consumer, as a party in our quest. We trust you to become our teammate.

Maybe you, yourself, you are the organizator of the contest. Or maybe you are into marketing and you are occupied with bringing participants to the contest. Well, here’s your place! Scroll down to see the exact button for your advertisement which !ATTENTION! is absolutely FOR FREE.

How To Submit Contest

To add a contest from another website to our database, it is necessary to have a registered user account first. Once past that step, you only have to:

  1. Visit our home page
  2. Select the Submit competition button


  1. Fill in any data you would like to be visible on VOUBS about the contest


Recommendations for the contest submission 

1.       Keep the contest name the same as the original – when submitting a contest, the information must be absolutely correct so we recommend to name the things with their true names;

2.       Put a link to the contest which leads exactly to the place to enter it;

3.       Precisely say if the contest has any requirements for the participants such as county where they live, age, sex or entry fee;

4.       Describe the contest briefly;

5.       Choose a nice cover for the contest. This is a very important part of the fast process of submitting a contest because it is exactly the cover which welcomes and attracts the users to join in.  Try to have size lose to 1920px x 600px in order for the cover to be perfectly visualizedBe careful for the cover not to be larger than 2MB;

6.       Mark the source of the contest and put its logo;

7.       Choose the time of the contest carefully as well as the time for open registration and voting;

8.       And here comes the best partthe awardShare with the other users what they are competing forwhat they would get besides the good feeling of being a winner, of being the chosen one, of being the best. 

PP: Do not miss to point out which is the category and the subcategory of the contest you submit.

Note that all competitions you enter have to be clear in terms of rules and not already present on our list. Each suggested entry will be reviewed by the administrators. If it is in accordance with these requirements, it will be approved.

So, don’t hesitate – submit contest in VOUBS!