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A user is each person, who uses VOUBS, with а registered user account, as a mediator for promoting himself and his work, participating in contests, uploading content in the platform, sharing information or every other way of interacting with the system, its‘ other users and/or its’ features. This person is identified to the system, at all times, by his real full name, required during the registration process.

VOUBS main aim is towards all the content authors, artists, developers, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, directors, script writers, freelancers and entrepreneurs - all the CREATIVE people, filled with ideas that live, ready to be presented to the world and willing to give power to that start up machine with something new and unique. This, precisely, is the belief that drives VOUBS to stand on both sides – behind the authors and freelancers, and behind the business, by connecting them together, through providing a place, where they can show off or find new talents, they can develop, they can earn and be popular.


Can I become part of VOUBS?

Absolutely! Anyone with the passion to create and drink from the cup of freedom by earning through his skills is welcome. 

Aren’t you here exactly for that? Looking at VOUBS, going through its’ pages and learning more about the features – all of this brings us to one conclusion – YOU are the right asset for our community.

Come and share your passion – drawing, photography, music, graphics, dances, cooking. We appreciate it all.

Go with the flow, register now – create friends and express your individuality!


What can VOUBS give me by becoming a user?

You have already made the first step by accepting your faith and the need to express yourself. Now, by becoming a VOUBS member you are instantly gifted the freedom to create and upload your content live in the platform. You can build your online presence, starting with filling in all the information about you and your passion or professional career, using your profile page directly as a portfolio, up to be send to possible partners, clients, other participants in VOUBS and businesses, all of which can learn more about who you are, to take a look at your social media accounts in other networks, to write on your timeline or become followers.

And this is just the beginning. VOUBS meets contest organizers and businesses with all the creative personalities, offering participation in a wide spectrum of different contests, where you can rock the world of everyone by showing your best piece of work and competing with other users for the chance of winning a prize.

Each and every participation in a contest will boost your profile’s rating score, which is one of the first things that all users see, so you can build trust and respect. In the end, this does reflect on your overall online presence, helping for gathering a wider audience to promote your skills and qualifications to.

Simply said: You possess creativity and VOUBS needs people like you. Register and earn from showing off your skills!

Still not sure? Write us an e-mail with your questions and receive an instant reply!


What kind of users can I meet in VOUBS?

VOUBS considers every person as unique, in terms of talent, and we are trying to express that with different member titles and obligations. Currently we have:

1. Regular User – registered user with filled data in his profile and an activated account. He can participate in all active contests, create his own, find, follow, view and communicate with other users or support and admire his favorites, also voting for them. 

Regular user can use all of the features, including voting and quick voting, where he can vote for and view the media of all participants in a contest in a single window.

2. Voubster – registered user, fulfilled all the conditions like the regular user, but with at least 1 approved entry in any kind of contest with a selected winner, where the entry should not have been declined or disqualified. The first contest that you join in will lead you to a process, that requires you to fill in additional information for you. In case the regular user has met the terms, his account automatically becomes promoted to “Voubster”. 

The Voubster has a higher voting power, because of his dedication to the VOUBS community and his voting is multiplied by 5.

3.Gold Member – every member of the community, who has a user account, has the opportunity to easily become a gold member in VOUBS. This is acquired by paying a monthly subscription fee with the virtual currency of the platform. This subscription is active for 30 consecutive days and if not paid before the end of that period, it will automatically end and demote the account into “Voubster”. 

Gold members are verified as real persons, loyal to the community, for which they receive the following bonuses and obligations:

  • Upon buying virtual currency, the total amount on the checkout will have -30% discount
  • All media, uploaded in any contest or their profiles are highlighted with a yellow frame
  • Gold Member’s Badge, visible by everyone
  • Highlighted comments, that draw the attention to them, in the comments section
  •  The voting power of a gold member is higher than the voting power of any of the rest users and is multiplied by 10
  •   Access to personalized analytics, such as “Who rated for you”, “What is your average rating” and “Who viewed your media”
  • 100 units of the virtual currency, free of charge, for each month of subscription

4. Jury Member – всеки регистриран потребител може да кандидатства за придобиване на членство в жури състав. Този вид кандидатури се одобряват от екипа на VOUBS и носят допълнителни права за по-голяма тежест на гласуването, както и ограничения за невъзможност за участие в конкурс при журиране. Открий повече информация в специално създадената страница за жури.

each registered user could apply for a jury membership. VOUBS administrators are eligible to decide whether or not a person can be approved for a jury member. This user has specific obligations, such as higher voting power, and limitations, such as restriction for participation in contests. Read more for this type of jury in the Jury Members page.

5.Administrator – user account with the highest set of permissions, operated by a member of the VOUBS team. Administrators are responsible for contest creation, content management, terms and rules observation and penalties if Code of Ethics or another rules are not met.

6. Ambassador – this role belongs to persons, who stand close behind the idea of VOUBS and/or behind the idea for a specific contest or community. The Ambassador does not have the permissions, nor the responsibilities of the other types of users and only helps for the spreading of the word. He promotes, supports and develops contests, most often by using his power or fame.


Your presence is important to us

VOUBS was just an idea once. An idea for something unique, a place, which will adapt to the life of the creative people, which put daily efforts to create something meaningful, a product, an emotion, that would finally be represented to the wide public and bring them earnings and/or admirations. 

Everyone, part of the platform and the team who developed it, strongly believes that the current methodology of work is starting to fall apart. We know that there are people, who are fully dedicated to their own causes, goals and work, because they believe in what they do and would like for others to do so.

Is this you? Are you recognizing yourself?

Social connections matter. Don’t miss chances.

Make that first step now.

Become part of VOUBS.


What steps should I follow to join VOUBS?

Easy one. The only thing that we ask of you is:

  • To agree with the policy of VOUBS for collection of information through cookies
  • To read the Terms of Use
  • To read the Rules for Participants
  • To register a new account