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6 Ways To Find Your Photography Inspiration

  • June 5, 2019
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Everyone has been stuck in one place. When it comes down to art, you just cannot expect yourself to be like the accountant who has such a mathematical and logical attitude. These people just know the formula and continue working. Lucky them, no?! Photographer really means person of art, regardless amateur or professional level you have mastered. You cannot expect to be able to create whenever you are obligated to.


So, in order to help you find your ‘muse’ during the lazy hot days, we prepared a list for you how to feel motivated to create art. Here are our ideas:


  1. Go somewhere - changing the place always helps. You see something new. It is not only being physically away, your mind is away from the daily problems. Traveling broadens your mind and charges you with the energy of the new place. And most probably you will get into a situation that you did not expect, so your creativity will be provoked. We advise the trip to be somewhere fresh and green as the person is meant to be connected to the ‘Mother Nature’ and this link is being kind of a lost by living in the block of flats and working in the factories. Does not matter if you will use your vacation days or you would go for the weekend somewhere - just change the place and see how it would affect you positively.


  1. Do something you have never done - dare yourself. Would you?! How much time did it pass from the last time you did something for the first time? When did you last taste a meal from different cuisine? Or maybe something even braver - how about rafting? Going out of your comfort zone is where the real living begins and where you start developing in a ways you have not imagined. So break your own nutshell, let your soul feel free and enjoy being creative!


  1. Have long life conversation with your favourite person - this always helps. A real human conversation always changes you up. Because we speak but how often are we heard in the daily life, indeed? A person who is close to your heart - a friend from childhood maybe or you soulmate is the one who can always give you inspiration. Unfortunately, our ‘fast life’ rarely allows it.


  1. Meet new people - yes, go out, meet new people of different age of yours, different nationality, social background. Just someone who has been through a lot and has learnt some lessons that you did not know about. But what is important, stop avoiding conversations. Not long ago, everybody was greeting their neighbours. Do you do it? In dialogue with someone new you can learn new stuff and get motivated to take out your camera and show it to the world.


  1. Read a book - the ultimate inspiration. A book. A door to a whole new world. It is hard to take time to read in our world where you need to ‘do it all’.  But a good read will make you feel like you are the main character. So you will feel like another person. What more inspiring?


  1. Play with a child - it is the discovery of the world that is so exciting! A child taken to the seaside for the first time would be laughing loudly while jumping over every small wave. Would you notice the little waves? Spend some time with your niece/ nephew and see the world with the pure eyes of a child. That’s what inspiration is really about!


Hope that now you know where your muse is hiding and we will see lovely photos of yours in our contests!

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