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How to take a perfect Portrait Photo and dominate a contest with it

  • May 22, 2019
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Capturing a great portrait photo worth all the accolades and praises can be quite a daunting task even for professionals. For instance, getting the subject to remain perfectly still alone for a shot even with a mirrorless camera can prove to be an uphill task. When taking portrait photos for a contest, you need to be extra creative and give attention to even the finest details for you to have a shot in winning the competition. Below are some few tips through which you can do this


Shutter speed settings

When setting the shutter speed, you will need to take into account your lens' focal length else, the images taken might be blurred due to camera shake. The shutter speed should always be higher relative to the focal length. For instance, for a 200mm, a shutter speed of 1/250 sec or higher is desirable. You can alternatively opt for cameras that have an inbuilt antishake system around the sensor if you do not want to keep adjusting the shutter speeds.

When taking photos, it is really quite hard for a subject to remain perfectly still unless you are taking a stationary object, even then there will be air currents and movement in your field of view to account for. Even when people are perfectly still, a simple blink will ruin the shot. To avoid all these problems, including motion blur, use faster shutter speed.


Lens choice

The lens that you choose will greatly impact on the quality of your portrait photos. For visual impact portraits, you must choose a wide-angle lens. For instance, shooting at a low angle will make your subjects to appear taller than they really are. This is a great technique to fool the eyes and you must make use of it the best way you can. However, take caution not to get too close lest you create some distortion and ruin a perfect shot!


Increase your ISO

ISO, an abbreviation for International Standards Organization, is basically the right sensitivity ratings M a digital image sensor. Alongside shutter speed, ISO is another pillar in taking great portrait photos. The more you increase the ISO, the more the sensor becomes sensitive to light. This allows you to capture more light without necessarily slowing the shutter speed.

For instance, when you double your ISO, the sensor will become twice as much sensitive to light which means that it will only require half as much light to attain the correct exposure.


Capture emotions

It is said that "Behind every picture is a story." This rings true for all the award-winning portrait photos. A good portrait photo should be able to bring out emotions in your audience; it should move them. Some of the best emotions that you should always seek to bring out our joy and sadness.


Photos depicting poverty or fatigue are quite emotional and this can be the secret ingredient which other contestants might miss to capture. This can help you bag the price.


The above are just a few of the many tips that can help you capture great portrait photos. An important thing that you should always seek is to understand your camera quite well so that you can use most if not all its functions to your advantage. Blending its features and the environment around you could be just what you need to win the contest.


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