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In Love With The Wind

  • August 6, 2019
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Have you ever been in love? I mean real love for which you and the other person are ready to give it all up? If yes, then you should know what is is like to shine when you see your loved one. Because there is nothing else that can make you feel alive and shine bright. Only your love. And that is the case with The Castle of Ravadinovo and the wind. Because the sun shines through it only when there is wind blowing. 


Having many visitors - a million a year and being a real life fairytale representation, the castle has inspired many people and has been included in many media videos and reporatages. Tourist attraction number one in Bulgarian seaside has now another amazing event. It organizes a contest on a topic which can excite the imagination of the creators - ‘The Castle" In love with the wind "in 100 years’. This is the 3rd competition, after the success of the previous two: the first on the topic ‘The fairytale castle’, the second - ‘China, Bulgaria, In Love With The Wind’. As the first two did, this year’s competition is looking for the best photo montage. Here is the link to follow and read all the rules: https://www.voubs.com/contests/the-castle-quot-in-love-with-the-wind-quot-after-100-years/889 


And mentioning the best, we definitely need to tell you about the fact that there are amazing awards which are for the first three places - 500, 300 and 200 euro. You can easily organize a family trip to the castle with them! Oh, but it is important to register your photo montage in time if you want to get them. The deadline is 29th of September. Then you must wait a few days for the jury to evaluate. The winners will be announced on 7th October. 


Delve into the mystery of the fairytale: don’t only dream of one! This is your chance to become part of something so magnificent! Don’t forget how easy it is - make a photo montage, log into your VOUBS account and join for free the contest! Good luck everyone!


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