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Organize and Win

  • May 28, 2020
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Challenging times have come to all the world. What we do know is that nobody’s life is easy. And as money often is the problem, we offer you a thing to facilitate you. Before explaining it, we would like you to ask yourself these 3 questions:


  • How about if it is you who make the rules?

  • What if you inspire people to create art at a topic that excites you the most? 

  • And what if you make some extra money?


Now, we have a proposition to you that will make you combine your hobby with your finances. All you have to do is:

  1. Create contest with cash award of 100 euro;

  2. Invite friends to take part in it;

  3. Get your money (from the WINGS that your contest collects as entry fee).


WINGS as you most probably know is you VOUBS currency. We will pay you 0,288 for every WINGS. This means that you need less that 100 participants to double the money that you invest in your contest. Example: You create a contest with 10 WINGS entry fee and award of 100 euro. Simple calculation: Your investment = 100 euro (contest award) + 25 euro (contest creation) = 125 euro. You would receive = (100 * 10) WINGS * 0,288 = 288 euro. Your profit = 288 - 125 = 163 euro. More than a double! 


Don’t forget that you can always count on us for support. We would answer all your questions - if you need to get more info how to organize the contest, how to reach more people, it is us that you can count on. We are ready to become your assistant about organization of contests. Contact us at info@voubs.com any time.


Try new ways to have fun. Get some extra money. Make some new friends. Get your ideas heard all over the world. VOUBS is your place!

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