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Best Bulgaria Photo

  • October 23, 2018
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Dear Voubsters,

One of our personal favourite contests for 2018 has come to an end! And we should say: What an end! With 175 amazing photos submitted, it was super hard for the public and jury to define winners. 

Let’s dip into the beauty of the home county of VOUBS crew and check out the TOP 10 photo of Bulgaria for 2018:

10. ’Buzluzha Monument’ by Dragomir Teterekov


Situated in central Balkans, built in 1981, it is a historical monument representing the communist regime in the country. 

We shall warn you that, for the moment, entering in in is strictly forbidden! But we do recommend going on the peak as it was the place of final battle of the famous Bulgarian hero Hadzhi Dimitar who fought bravely there together with 30 rebels against 700 Ottoman toops in 1868.

9. ‘At the foot of the Balkan mountains’ by Stanimir Stanev


Balkans are going through middle of Bulgaria and allowing each Bulgarian to enjoy their beauty thanks to maximum of 3 hours drive. See for yourself why it is worth being there! 

8. ‘Stones, snow and fog’ by Aleksandr Plexanov

Here is a winning photo submitted by participant from Russia. Oh, how proud we are that our country is also admired by foreigners! 

7.  ‘St Alexander Nevski’ by Dragomir Teterekov


Situated in the heart of Sofia, the cathedral is the second biggest on Balkan peninsula. It serves as cathedral church of the Patriarch of Bulgaria. 

6. ‘Lakatnik village from above’ by Mario Shumanov


An bird view of a beautiful village situated in west Balkans. 

5. ’Wild horses in Rila mountain’ by Galina Dimitrova 

The highest mountain of Bulgaria hides its beauties which are countless. Hebs, flowers, 7 Rila lakes, wild animals, miraculous monastery. That’s it - I am going there next time I travel! 

4. ‘Kiss in the sky’ by Kristina Kantcheva


Kristina really did capture the moment - she made a unique shot while flying high. Good job, girl, you are brave and fast!

3. ‘Vihren mount’ by Plamen Kudenko

The photographer clearly explains to us: ‘Vihren is the highest mount in Pirin mountain. With its 2914 meters, Vihren is second highest in Bulgaria after Musala (in Rila) and third on the Balkan peninsula after Mitikas (in Olymp). 

2. ‘Explorer’ by Valeri Karageorgiev


Valeri is the perfect definition of the term explorer. He went in some dark hidden mountain places, searching for the great shot. And he found it! 

1.’Night fairytale’ by Valeri Karageorgiev


… And grabbing one place in the TOP 10 was not enough. Valeri is the winner of this year’s issue of Best Bulgaria photo. He admits that he spent ‘2 hours doing this photo from 24 vertical shots, and spent even more time post-processing it’

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