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Which Abilities Make Us Human? Real Human.

  • October 26, 2018
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With 101 photos who applied for the TOP places in Best People Photo contest of 2018, we finally have the 10 which will be rewarded thanks to your opinion, dear Voubsters, and to the professional jury judgements.

What is amazing about the photos of people is that they always attempt to show us a trait of humankind. And here is a dozen of qualities that we see in the rewarded photos:


1. The most human quality is the ultimate drive of it all: the love

It is the love that gives us strength to make it through the day. What is a ‘chevalier’ without his ‘dame’?! Would the battles matter if they are not in the name of the beloved?

Love makes the world spinning, and only those who haven’t been generous enough to search for’ their’ person and to open up their hearts, are poor. Leaving the comfort zone, leaving your wide bench and taking a smaller seat, trust me, is worth it! No matter how broken you are, there is warmth in this world. 


10th place: ‘Love’ by Reza Isapour - award of 10 WINGS



2. The ability to overcome our dark side

We all have shadows. Nothing is only good or bad, black or white. What is important is that we find our path, we find the good way to live in peace with our shadows. As facing it might not seem so easy, it is our duty in order for us to enjoy the sunny day. Do your best and beat yourself!


9th place: ‘Shadows’ by Mafijur Rahman - award of 10 WINGS



3. People are the top creatures of this world. We have found a way to tame animals thanks to our logic and power. Yes, we must respect the animals but we should not forget who we are. Because we were not created to be only remorseful. We are meant to be the leaders. And leaders take hard steps.


8th place: ‘Strongly Ahead To Finish’ by Pranab Basak - award of 10 WINGS



4. The beauty is a human feature mostly found in the eyes. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We say that beauty is in the way people look at you, with their open heart.

7th place: ‘Caren Stare’ by Hasse Hamid - award of 10 WINGS



5. The playfulness of people, the ability to have fun of small things and to laugh hard, to enjoy simple moments is what fulfills our lives.

However, most important are the friends that decide to stay with us no matter the rain. They would keep our smiles on regardless the hard times. So let’s enjoy our ability to make friends and to appreciate those who stay loyal to us.


6th place: ‘Play With The Rain’ by Froi Rivera - award of 10 WINGS



6. A Bulgarian folklore tale tells the story of 3 young women who were arguing whose hands were the prettiest - one had biggest rings, the other biggest bracelets, the third the most tender skin. So they asked an old lady. Yet, she responded that the prettiest hands were those to the woman who was working in the field nearby. 

The hard work is a human feature which distincts the lazy once and shows who are the ones ready to fight for better life. 

5th place: ‘Salt Field Worker’ by Chee Keong Lim - award of 10 WINGS



7. Humanity found an easier way to survive. It is called business, believe it or not. Because producing everything you need is not possible to be done only by yourself. So, with development of civilizations business has taken its positions. 


4th place: ‘Floating Market’ by Chee Keong Lim - award of 10 WINGS



8. People live in communities, tribes, etc. Each society is human’s quality for help for each other.


3rd place: ‘Salt Field Workers’ by Chee Keong Lim - award of 10 WINGS



9. Ability to imagine makes our would much prettier. Daydreaming is an amazing spice in our life, isn’t it? A dreamer, beautiful thing to be! Head up and follow your dreams regardless if people call them childish!

Another human quality is super obvious in this photo: to take care. And care for siblings is the best that you can offer even when you are not obliged to. As the blood doesn’t turn to water! 


2nd place: ‘Bedtime Stories’ by Froi Rivera - award of 10 WINGS



10.  And it is the ultimate ability of people to believe. To believe in good, in the fact that better times are coming, that there is salvation, our siblings would do well, that our dreams would come true, there is love meant for us. 


1st place: ‘Praying In The Mosque’ by Azim Khan Ronnie  - award of 100 EURO


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