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Let's Soar In The Sky?

  • November 5, 2018
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Head up! Always up! Not only because crowns do fall in other case scenario. But because the sky is beautiful and it deserves a good look.


We, the Voubs editors, did not need to make any effort to find specific moments of the sky - our dearest Voubsters did it for us! With 304 photos, this year the contest Best Sky Photo was a real hit. Thanks a lot to all the participants. The fact that your photo was approved to compete, means enough about the high level of photography that you are capable to present.


Let’s take a look at the TOP 10


10. ‘Reflection’ by Ilian Bozhanov



 Breathtaking view of the sky which reflects in the waters. The clouds seem softer than cotton in the natural mirror. Big WOW!

9. ‘Colors Of Sky’ by Pranab Basak



Pranab made a shot of friends walking on the beach at sunset. So true - the colors of the sky are interlacing, painting a beautiful picture.

8. ‘Sunburst’ by Malcolm Hough



The sun is making its way and it is about to uncover from its fold of fluffy cloud. A child’s drawing with the sun’s perfectly equal rays can be applicable landscape in the situation.

7. ‘Sabrina’ by Malcolm Hough



Let’s meet Sabrina - the majestic ship. Normally, the name is associated with beautiful powerful witch. Hm.. maybe the ship bewitched the sky to be so perfect!

6. ‘The Himalayan Clouds’ by Aritra Ghosh



Himalay is the mountain with the highest peak in the world. Can you imagine how high in the sky it feels like being there. At least, we have the chance to see it from the lovely sky picture.

5. ‘Divine Beauty Of Nature’ by Pranab Basak



Another view of the sky near mountain. Seems like the beauty of nature is endless!


4. ‘Moving Sky’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



Azim, our gold member, managed to capture the moment when the sky is changing so rapidly. This photo makes us feel small below the grand decisions taken by the nature. Another good job, Azim!


3. ‘Fiery Sky’ by Froi Rivera



Here is the first picture with medal ‘Honored’. Pink and orange and yellow and red, the perfect melange for describing fire. Oh, but wait, we are describing the sky. What a perfect moment!


2. ‘Sunset In Sea Beach’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



And there goes the silver of the ‘Honored’ medals. Ah… What more romantic than the sunset over the sea?


1. ‘Milky way over abandoned monument of Buzludzha peak’ by Ognyan Nikolov



Buzludzha - high in the mountain, on the place where heros shed their blood in the name of Bulgaria. What a photo! Is it from a fairytale? Did the Milky Way came upon the peak to kiss it? Well deserved 1st place!


And you Voubster, although our Best Sky Photo has come to an end for this year, don’t stop soaring high in the sky! Join in our other contests, promote your media on VOUBS, share with friends to vote and give WINGS voting. That’s how you become another star in the VOUBS sky.


1 comment from 1 voubster
John Klein  

Very cool photos. Planning to go traveling after my successful game at tornado slots.

Reply  •  May 19, 2022 09:26:09 PM UTC
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