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TOP 10 October Photos: Lizards, princesses turned into water lilies & coffee scent

  • November 13, 2018
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Hey, October, you have been good to us!


Let’s see the what happened last month in pictures with 92 entries, 0.9K votes and some lovely results:

10. ‘Roman bridge in Cordoba’ by Mikhail M




10th place in the October contest goes to a photo of the beautiful bridge in Spain.


9. ‘Autumn Still Life’ by Kostadinka Yordanova



Next is the October decoration dedicated to the end of the month and the celebration of Halloween. The typical pumpkins with faces painted or engraved are all around.


8. ‘Flower Fairy’ by Zdravka Dimitrova



The autumn has its surprises - it also has its beautiful flowers. Let’s enjoy nature’s wonders because while something is coming to its end, another thing is born.

7. ‘Male Lizard’ by Doreen Sammut



Apparently, our contest this autumn has inspired the photographers to take some shots of… lizards! This is the first in our TOP 10 of October.

6. ‘Water lily Kingdom’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



October in Bangladesh! Ah, what beautiful water lilies! There is a legend of a beautiful princess kept from her father in safe alone in her room. The nation was dying and finally only one cure was found: water lily but it had to be picked by the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Heartbroken the king sent his daughter to the lake but she started playing with days. Finally, the king went himself to see what was happening. The princess excused that she had forgotten and angrily her father told her that she can stay there forever. She took the water lily from the lake, handed the cure and then she turned herself into a water lily.

5. ‘Seagull’ by Nirob Ahmed



A photo of a seagull hovering above water is the middle of our TOP 10 October photos. Notice the bird’s eye! WOW!

4. ‘Alone’ by Chee Keong Lim


The monks’ solitude is a great thing. Let’s learn it from the monk because the alone time is the time to forgive yourself.

3 ‘Baitul Aman Mosque’ by Lipi Ahmad



Let’s see the first picture with medal ‘Honored’ for this contest!


2.  ‘Coffee With Autumn Aromas’ by  Kostadinka Yordanova  

Second place and two times amongst the best for this contest. Good job to Kostadinka! Thank you on behalf of all the coffee addicts!

1. ‘Encounter With A Gecko’ by Kristina Nikolova

We remember that one Kristina’s photo took 2nd place in September TOP 10. So, congrats: in October she is the winner with the photo of a posing gecko.


So, are you ready for November? Did you already take your TOP photos material?

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