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Let's Use The 4x4 System For A Few Weeks

  • November 19, 2018
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In most of the Bulgarian cities, towns and villages there is snow already. a fairytale picture: it is so romantic to stay near the fireplace with a cup of warm drink.  It is so calming: the serenity of the world that paused for its winter sleep.


And boom! A few hours later it is already boring for you or you have some tasks! You are fast to pack yourself in the winter clothing. It was easy up to now but, there comes the unpleasant moment on the streets: pushing, pulling, sliding around, digging snow.


Without any problems a huge car with 4x4 system is passing by near you. And you don’t see the person making grand efforts to take his foot out of the snow and to make another step nor him to dig out his car.


That’s why VOUBS decided to propose to you something new: let’s all of us take the 4х4 system for the following few weeks. We don’t care if you are driving a jeep, sports car or you don’t have driver’s license at all.  We have proposition for absolutely everybody around the world.

What is our 4х4 system like?

Really simple system! See 4 active contests and 4 upcoming! Take part directly in the active. and be prepared for the upcoming with creative media to register with. And voila! Adrenaline to warm up if you are waiting at a bus stop or a funny task if you are bored at home.

And here comes the first 4: free entry contests which are heating up!

  1. CHANGE in Wood Culture - Short Video

Grand award: : 5 000 dollars


The bet is high in this contest. You play and you can win 5 000, 2 500, 1500 dollars or one of the two honorable mentions accompanied by prize award of 500 dollars. And the winning places and mentions are not at any random place but exactly at the international forum celebrating the Wood Day. If you don’t play, you would simply not  going to be a person who contribute for the development of the wood culture in this way. Anyway, if you decide to bet, as there is no losing, there is an easy way: 1-minute video expressing your opinion/ insight on the topic what has been changed to people’s perception of wood use and how the change is affecting the world today​. Be careful because the deadline of Jan 18th might sound distant now, but it is not.

  1. ThreeChess Best Queen and/or King photo

Grand award: Limited Luxury Wooden Board


This contest is looking for a photo of… a king or a queen. More precisely, of someone who deserves to be crowned as such. Do you have a good portrait? It is time to search for it… The contest started a few days ago and it will continue until Jan 13th but hurry up! The topic is easy and exciting and the awards are innovative and nice.  The grand prize is wooden board with white, black and caution! green figures because it is played by 3 players. The second prize has just like the first wooden figures of 3 colours but it is a travel pack.

  1. Design for VOUBS gifts

Grand award: 200 euro


In this contest, we from VOUBS are looking for design of our gifts. No, not gifts for us, but for you, dear Voubsters! We are planning to give awards for the leading places in some of our  leaderboards which unlock after your profile has reached level 5 in our gamification. And here is a tip as our blog is meant to be a useful place: it is better to submit one entry with a design but the latter is better to be demonstrated in a few products.  ,Thumbs up and we are waiting for your super cool propositions until Jan 10th.

  1. CHANGE in Wood Culture - Heritage

Grand award: 1 800 dollars


What has been changed to people’s perception of wood use and how the change is affecting the world today? This contest is looking for photography expressing the delving into the course of preserving wood culture. Besides the grand prize, there are 10 honorable mentions with 300 dollars. Register up to Jan 16th and become part of the international forum which will be held on March 21st in Austria. Let’s all of us help to spread the cause of ‘International Wood Culture Society’!

Аnd 4 contests which are coming soon:

  1. Best Model Photo 2018

Grand award: 100 euro


At the end of the month starts the quest of the best model photo and it will continue until 8/01/2019. The cat walk or a photo session - you decide what type of shot you will register. We, here with the help of all the Voubster, will give our 1-10 rating to the photography and the winning will get 100 euro!

  1. TOP 10 Photos December 2018

Grand award: 50 WINGS

For the following month, of course we have our regular contest looking for the best 10 photos. Well. when did December come so close? Was it an emotional year for you, dear Voubsters? How are you spending the most festive month? You have 31 days to show to us in a picture!

  1. Best Sunrise/Sunset Photo 2018

Grand award: 100 euro


New beginning, new end! Where we go without them? The contest for sunrise or sunset photo starts on Dec 5th and Jan 13th. And what inspiring quotes are there on the contest page, open and see!

  1. Best Christmas Photo 2018

Grand award: 100 euro

Of course, how can we not remind you that soon it will be time for Christmas decoration.Most probably you have already started thinking about this and it is a good idea to start pondering what the Christmas photo would be like. And it can bring you 100 euro. You have the time to register it from Dec 10th to Jan 18th.

And that our 4х4 proposition to you. Do you like it? Despite the cold and the snow, we are setting off to find other exciting contests and awards and we are waiting your comments and messages if you enjoy the 4x4!

2 comments from 2 voubsters
Eric Cartman  

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Robert Kotwicki  

Car 4x4 :-)

Reply  •  December 31, 2018 11:37:45 AM UTC
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