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Meeting You Halfway To ‘Enthusiast’ or 2 Brand New Contests To Join

  • December 4, 2018
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VOUBS lovely gamification plan is rapidly spreading its popularity. All the opportunities provided there are intriguing for more and more users. It is the aim to get out of the ‘sticker’ Newbie and reach the next title Enthusiast. And it is the ultimate go to level up most probably initiated long time ago perhaps thanks to Mario and his brother.


Moreover, reaching level 5 has never been easier! If you have already done it, you know that you have special tasks from level 1 to level 5 called Level Quests. They pop-up when you click on the level which you need to reach. And there you have hints how to do it. The tasks are actions on the website which teach you or remind you how to use VOUBS. Because our options are multiple.


If you have already reached level 5, we have 2 special things for you! And those things are contests! Lovely contests which are about to start very soon. And by soon we mean next year. Yep, alert: next year is coming soon. And here are they!

Best Landscape Photography 2019

2019 starts with the search of best landscape photo. And the winner is only possible to be a person who is at least halfway to the second title ‘enthusiast’. (yep, second time we mention here what the next title is, that’s another tip that you get for reading our blog).


In this contest the photo of an amazing place is what we are looking for. Our jury will rate the best photographies with 10s only if the images are high quality. And, of course, we all cannot wait for your photos of seas, rivers, mountains, urban surroundings, etc.


Submit your best work and we have prepared for you our WINGS awards:

1st place - 50

2nd place - 30

3rd place - 20

Best People Photo 2019

Here comes a beloved contest - people photography. Whether you will take a candid photo or you will make portrait - it is absolutely your choice. We are willing to award the best 5-levelers with the chance to take the awards here. And attention! Grand award here is:

200 Euro!


For the rest who are in the TOP 10, we have prepared 10 WINGS, meaning that you will take 10 WINGS if you are from 2nd-10th place.


We wish you good luck and we wait for you at level 5! Hurry up because it will not be only those 2 contests which require levels. It is only for starters!

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Robert Kotwicki  


Reply  •  December 31, 2018 11:37:29 AM UTC
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