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Why You Don’t Need Bouquet of 100 Roses? 10 Photo Reasons Given By Flowers

  • December 10, 2018
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It is winter. Ok, fine, not according to the calendar, but it is the time of the year that you really need to remember the coziness of home. And a home is not the luxury house, it is your beloved ones.

It is also the ultimate season of gifts. The huge quest of ‘what I should buy for Christmas?’. And soon is to come the next ‘gift drama’ called ‘St. Valentine’s Day’.


We, the bloggers of VOUS just received the stunning results of Best Flower Photo 2018 - 442 great photos. Thanks to all the photographers who registered!


We decided to imagine an interview with the TOP 10 flowers themselves - what would they tell us about themselves. Do they have a queen amongst them? Are the roses the prettiest for real?


10. ‘Iris Sherryl’, photography by Kristina Nikolova

I was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. In fact, it is what my name mean. See how beautifully I combine purple and yellow. You can find me in Europe, Asia, even North America. People who breed me gather often in Florence, Italy on competition, trying to find who have the prettiest of representatives of my family. And it is not an easy task.

I am waiting for all of you on rocky mountains, grassy slopes and semi-desert areas to enjoy my non-traditional beauty.

9 ‘Spring Tenderness’, photography by Kostadinka Yordanova

My names is Lotus Corniculatus.  People often refer to me as 'bird's foot' due to my appearance of the seed pods on my stalk. The English people even call me ‘egg and bacon flower’ for my colours. And I am for real important about food - I feed many insects with nectar.

But don’t forget: I bring the tenderness with me.

8.  ‘Harvesting waterlilies‘ by Azim Khan Ronnie

You already know the legend of a princess who took my shape thanks to the lovely article for the TOP 10 Photos of October that VOUBS published for you. What you do not know is that I am the national flower of Bangladesh when I am white. And when I am blue - I am the national flower of Sri Lanka. You can also find my on the royal version of the Coat of Arms of Denmark.

So many national recognitions & you didn’t make the effort to go to the lake near by to enjoy my beauty. Ah, it is a shame!

7. ‘Burflower!’ by AL AMIN


I flower on cadamba - a type of evergreen pine which grows 45m. It was considered holy tree in India during the Kadamba dynasty. You can only find me in South Asia. I am special with my orange flowers and tender scent. I wish you all to come to my regions in order to enjoy the beauty here!

6.’Morning Bloom’ by Vikrant Puranik

I am chrysanthemum, a native of Asia and northeastern Europe. I originate from East Asia, my cultivation began long time ago in Japan in 8th century. I have many colours. But you should know that one of my best features is the care for the people. As I am proved to reduce indoor air pollution. And that’s real care!


I live in Southeast Asia, from India to Japan. You can also find me in Australia and on the Pacific Islands. Look at my petals - they are unique, aren’t day.

4. ‘Landscape’, photography by Plamen Ivanov

I am the red poppy. Others call me corn poppy. I flower firstly in May and I continue till October in some parts of the world if the weather is warm enough. My the stems hold only one single flower.

Psst, I am famous: there is a Russian famous ballet on my name. In Mexico the advertising campaigns of Corona beers had my images. I was on Macedonian banknotes. In Ancient Egypt I was popular as pain-reliever.

And many girls have my name in English-speaking world. Even the animation main character of ‘The Trolls’.

3.  ‘Fragile’ by Pascale Cadieux

I am the pink rose. I am the tenderness. I am the innocence. I am the symbol of elegance. I am the token of admiration. I am the smile of the girl on whose pillow you put my on early morning before she was awake.

I am the pink rose.

2.  ‘Hug Me’, photography by Konstantinos Lagos

Often I am companion of the poppy. I am wheat and people make bread and pastry thanks to me. Often my beauty is neglected. But what more beautiful than helping people fight hunger and survive for so many years?

1.’Magic’, photography by Plamen Ivanov



I am the crocus, I come from Turkey, Caucasus & Iran.  I am magic of the nature as I am one of the first flowers of spring. Magic of nature and orient at one place.




So, finally, it seems like there is no need to buy the commercial and overrated bouquet of 100 roses. Maybe it is better to see the living nature or to make a small gesture, away from the posh world. There are flowers on the mountain rocks with breathtaking views, there are unique symbols of daily care, and mystical flowers from the fairy tales. It is not the quantity of the gift that matters - it is the tenderness that we give with it.


Because if the person you give 100 red roses, cannot appreciate only one pink - why do you need them?


Because if the person how gives you 100 roses on the celebration day, did not think of sharing with you other pretty things, why do you need them?


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Robert Kotwicki  

Very nice :-)

Reply  •  December 31, 2018 11:37:15 AM UTC
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