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TOP 10 November Photos: Pelicans, Bangkok, Dreams, Tenderness

  • December 13, 2018
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Let’s see what happened last month - what were the highlights of the 11th month of 2018. Maybe some of us met beautiful girls? Or found a way to go on a boat trip? Or went to Greece? Or continued dreaming?


10. ‘Anna’ by Nunik Varderesyan

The 10th place of our monthly competition goes to the photographer of the beautiful 13-year-old Anna. What a unique charming face!


9. ‘Floating Dreams’ by Konstantinos Lagos

The picturesque shot of the landscape was taken in Greece - it is the Plastiras lake that you see. It is an artificial dam in the middle of Greece, officially inaugurated in 1960. So let your dreams go there to float on beautiful boats.


8. ‘Meteora’ by Konstantinos Lagos


Another Greek treasure! The rock formation Meteora is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List as it is hosting Eastern Orthodox Monasteries, second largest complex. And what a moment to capture this moment of the rays.


7. ‘Pelican’ by Mamon Khan

Guess that November is the month of Pelicans in some regions. And the oldest fossil of pelicans was found in France and dates back to 30 million years.


6. ‘Life In Bangkok’ by Lipi Ahmad

Let’s take a look at what the life in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is like. It is like being in the middle of the international transport and health care novelties, but also being surrounded by arts and fashion. Sounds exciting, no?


5. ‘The Colour Of Autumn’ by Zdravka Dimitrova

The landscape of Novakovo Lake is a lovely representation of all the colour which autumn brings with it. Novakovo is near Varna, Northeast of Bulgaria. A place to go, ah!?


4. ‘Soft Tenderness’ by Kostadin Yordanov

Make a wish. Take a breath! Aaaand blow away all the tender cutton-like leaves so they would bring your wish to the ears of Mother Nature.


3. ‘Boats & Life’ by Azim Khan Ronnie

The photo is amazing representation of the floating life and the different directions that it takes for just a short path, exactly like the boats on the river. Thanks, Azim, for the lovely bird’s eye photo!


2. ‘Butterfly’ by Nirob Ahmed

The next ‘Honoured’ is the photo of a butterfly feeding from a purple flower. Such a close shot of those little fast flying creatures. Good job!


1.’Pose In Front Of The Camera’ by Kristina Nikolova


And here is the winner - the frog. No, we don’t know if this one can turn into a prince but it definitely turned into a model as it is posing so well.



Congratulations to the TOP 10 winners of November. Don’t forget that the final TOP 10 of his year is calling for entries now! Maybe you can be part of a similar article in a month’s time?

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Robert Kotwicki  

Realy good

Reply  •  December 31, 2018 11:36:51 AM UTC
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