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Do you want to change life for a minute? Do you have a camera?

  • December 14, 2018
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Ok, how to change it for 5 minutes is also a good question?

And in the meantime, how to get 7.5K dollars?  


Impossible as it may sound, but it is so very true. And there is one simple way: use your talent of video and film making and record a life-changing piece of art. We offer you to start with the topic of change of people’s perception of wood use. No, don’t get it wrong: there are multiple of themes worth your attention, time and talent. In the following article, we would like to introduce you to one great Foundation called (IWCS) (International Wood Culture Society) which has taken up the mission of raising awareness to responsible wood usage. And the members of (IWCS) perfectly know how strongly influential can be a video which is made as a result of the hard work and the personal point of view of the author.  


(IWCS)  is a non-profit organization established in 2013. Ever since, on March 21st, Wood World Day is organized. The event usually takes place in a different country (this year, the event was in Cambodia, China, Latvia, Laos and Myanmar and in 2019 it will take place in Austria). People of different lifestyle - artists, educators, enthusiasts and representatives of industries gather together from all around the world to exchange experience. And having your video performed at this event can definitely contribute a lot as your voice will be heard by people who are interested in preserving our chances for good future.


There are 2 contest categories organized which ask you, dear video-maker, to express your point of view. Both of them have the same topic, same jury members, same Terms and Conditions, same Entry rules. The only difference is the length and awards of the video. The first contest category is looking for short video (less than a minute) and offers $5 000 for the winner. The other category requires registration of 5-minute video (±1 minute is agreeable) and has grand prize of $7 500.


And how can participating in this contest change your personal life?


1.You can finally fully express your reflexions on the wood usage;


2.Your voice will be heard;


3.You will get feedback for your work;


4.You can win one of the 12 (in total) prizes;


5.You can be invited to visit international major event;


6.You can be noticed for your talent.


Let’s relate art of video and films and to make our appeal for wood usage for sustainable future. Let’s project to the world what we are capable of. Now, you have the floor!


For further information and registration:


PP: Registration is fast and easy!

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