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What is Wings and How You Can Use Them in VOUBS?

  • December 9, 2016
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If you have just signed up in VOUBS, you have probably noticed that some of the contests require you to have WINGS in order to participate. Even if you are a member of the contest hub for some time and know what WINGS is about, you still might be wonder what WINGS is, what are the benefits of owning some, and how you should use it to improve experience.

Well, today we are going to answer the most common questions about WINGS, so read the article below and after you finish go and get some WINGS for your profiles.

What is WINGS?

Wings is the virtual currency of VOUBS. Every new registered member of the contest hub starts with 0 WINGS in his virtual wallet. Later they can buy or earn WINGS through contest.

What can I do with the WINGS in my wallet?

WINGS allow you to:

• pay entrance fee for some contests

• buy a Golden member status

• promote your media and be featured

• buy extra votes for any media

• vote with WINGS under any media where you see the button “Give wings to”

WINGS could also be used by people who organize contests.

They allow them to:

• create own contest in the platform

• hire an administrator for the contest

• hire a professional supervisor to observe if all the rules are being followed

• hire a team of judges who are VOUBS’s members

• present their contest in VOUBS’s newsletter

• pay the contest award in WINGS

How can you buy WINGS?

Buying WINGS is a quick and easy job. However, you have to be a registered member of VOUBS. All you have to do is to go to your profile, to press the “Add more WINGS” button in the right end of your timeline and to select the amount of WINGS you have to buy. One WING costs 0,48 euros. You can pay with PayPal or Epay (if you are situated in Bulgaria) and after the payment is complete, the amount of WINGS will be added to your profile.

WINGS could also be won as awards in some of our contests. That’s why we urge our members to be active. The more contests you take part in, the greater the chance of winning some WINGS and other benefits.

Could WINGS be exchanged?

WINGS could be exchanged only if you are a licensed contest organizer that collects entrance fees, or an authorized VOUBS user with “Jury member” status. In these cases, one WING could be exchanged for 0,32 euros. All other VOUBS members cannot exchange the WINGS they have earned through contests or the WINGS they have already bought.

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