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Ice, Ice, Baby @ TOP 10 December Photos

  • January 16, 2019
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Hey dear Voubsters! How is the new 2019? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution List? Or maybe you have already forgotten where you put it! But those of you who have found their lists from 1 year before… did 2018 turn out to be a good year for you? Did you manage to do all the things you have been dreaming of to change?


Don’t know what was you mood when you were saying farewell to 2018 but in general many people enjoyed winter. At least most of our winner of the last most of 2018 appreciated the beauty of winter. Most of our TOP 10 Photos of December capture the snow and calmness of the season. Let’s check them out!


10. ‘Ice’ by Rositsa Pavlova

The opening of the TOP 10 is as expected with a frosty picture of the beautiful shapes that ice drew on the window pane. And what a winter can we see from the small uncovered places! Looks like a fairytale.

9. ‘Sunset In Winter’ by Miroslav Hristov

Is it just me or there is anybody else out there thinking that once more he/ she is playing with their friends of childhood? Anybody has that flashbacks of their mother coming nervous at such snow battle field with the ‘Enough! Let’s go - you will catch cold!’?

8. ‘Snowy Hometown’ by Ivan Hristov

December is the time of the year when families are reunited. That’s the sweet cherishment of the hometown above! Ah! There is no place like home. Thank you, December for taking us back from where we started!

7. ‘Wildlife photography: Lizard in focus’ by Kristina Nikolova

This small friend of ours is not ashamed of the camera apparently. Kristina continues to enjoy us with her amazing lizards’ photo session. Congrats! We are waiting for some more in our next contests!

6. ‘Gentle Touch’ by Kostadin Yordanov

Have you ever paid attention to such small detail? That’s the special ability of the creative people - they do find the beauty in the strangest places. And they show it to us from different perspective.

5. ‘Micro World’ by Kostadin Yordanov


Here is the second picture of Kostadin in this month’s TOP 10. This is how the spider web really looks like. It is not only the disgusting thing that you need to clean asap when appeared in your home. So next time when you are angry about it - think of this picture.

4. ‘A House Framed By Trees’ by Kristina Mitrovic

Here is a media which received the bronze badge ‘Favourite’ - more than 20 people hit the heart button for it. Hint: if it was more than 50, then it would be a silver medal. Next time share some more with friends because the times when you will receive gifts sent to your home for achievements of the gamification are coming soon.


3. ‘Silence’ by Svetlin Ivanov



We enter the highest place with this lovely winter landscape. What do you think of when you see this bench? Is it lonely for you? It is silence for the photographer. Maybe that’s a good thing. We do need silence to hear ourselves.

2. ‘Boat On Green River’ by Azim Khan Ronnie


Let’s go to a place as exotice as Asia this time of the year. Ok, maybe not possible for many people but that’s why we have VOUBS - place for everybody. And we do thank Azim for showing us some reality of Bangaldesh.

1 ‘December Night Over The City’ by Itso Tepavicharov

And first place goes to Itso - deserved thanks to his winter city landscape.

And that’s all for our brief review of the hot points of the previous cold month.

We would love it if you comment or send us mail with your thoughts over this article!


Bye for now and have a successful 2019!

1 comment from 1 voubster
Itso Tepavicharov  

Thank you!

Reply  •  January 16, 2019 11:15:19 AM UTC
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