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A new beginning!

  • February 13, 2019
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January has passed rapidly. Seems like it was yesterday that we were celebrating New Year’s Eve. Time is the only thing that we cannot take back no matter what so we really hope that you spent a lovely month. And of course, that you registered in our January edition of the TOP 10 contest.


The winter brought its white cover to a lot of places all around the globe this year. Lots of people had to learn the style of movement of penguins and polar bears. Sounds funny but we guess it is the children and the people of art who managed to enjoy the winter as the snow and ice doesn’t correspond to ‘practical’.


We think it is high time to make our review:

10. ‘In The Magic Forest’ by Nikolay Kostov



The start is for the lovely photography which collected 71.79 score which shows that the competition was fierce this month.

9. ‘One More Shot Of Macro World’ by Kostadin Yordanov



The next great photo which managed to fire up and to get high score is the one of Kostadin. Spider web captured in detail, seems totally different to what we are all doing during the weekend cleaning.

8. ‘Soft Nature’ by Ilinka MIleva



Our gold member Ilinka presents to all the Voubsters the softness of … hmmm.. is this cutton? Or it only seems so nice!

7. ‘Snowflake’ by Zdravka Yordanova


The Bulgarian domination in this month’s issue is secured by the next great photo - the one of Zdravka depicting the small details of a snowflake.

6. ‘Soft Like A Feather’ by Coralie Davis



A wave of violеte and purple perfectly melanging together and captured by the camera. On top of them teardrop has fallen. What’s going on with that craze of macro photos this month?! We don’t know but it is amazing!


5. ‘Christmas mood’ by Zdravka Dimitrova



Let’s go back to the cinnamon smell, to the decoration and to all the candles in the house… to the home warmth! Yes, Christmas mood cannot only stay in December! It simply must not!

4. ‘Mystic Cold’ by Vasilena Ivanova



A photo looking like it is taken from a fairytale! Yep: maybe the Snow Queen herself gave Vasilena he camera.

3. ‘Ardbana Terrace’ by Diana Ivanova



A beautiful building is depicted on the first ‘Honored’ media in this contest. Nice!

2. ‘Macro photography’ by Kostadin Yordanov



We would not believe it if this contest did not have a top place with macro photography! But we have to admit that it is well-deserved!

1. ‘Snow Forest’ by Katia Peri



January’s gold medal goes to a photo of snow! Yep! Seems like no surprise but sometimes it is good to stick to the traditional things in life.


Our TOP 10 February photos are heating up! Would we receive some photographies of celebration of St. Valentine? Would other defeat them?


Join in with your proposition!


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