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Win Award By Making Them Compete For You!

  • February 14, 2019
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What do you mean by ‘win award’?


Dear Voubsters, you have most probably already participated in multiple contests. Free entrance contests, photography, graphic design, trending or not, with awards or just for fun. And it is quite logical that in some cases you had some recommendations about the topic, description, requirements, etc.

Now, we decided to make something brand new for you, brand new type of competition. We give you the floor you to be the organizer and to make the best contests ever! We renewed our Contest Plan “For Fun” and we put an extra spice of excitement - not only for the contest participants in such types of contests but also for the contest organizers. From now on, if you create a contest for fun you can win 100 euro.


What do you mean by ‘making them compete for you’?


A very important thing about this contest plan: to become the winner of the award, you need to make you contest trendy. What is trendy? Yes, you need to collect more entries than other contest organizer. The award will be distributed monthly. If you have already opened the contest plan, you would notice that the dates are fixed - you can create a contest which will end next month. For example, on 14th of Feb I create contest, on the next day my friend creates another contest. Both contests end on the last day of March. On 1st of April I have more entries than any other contest organizer so I win 100 euro. There is no limitation how many contests you can create - all of them participate for the award.


There are some other fixed details that you need to notice about this contest plan: each and every participants can join in the contest only once, by 1 media. You can have 3 jury members but no more. And you cannot exclude the public voting from your contest so the voubsters get to rate all the participants there. The award that you can give is 150 WINGS which are sponsored by VOUBS. No more, no less!


How can I make them compete for me so I would win 100 euro?

There are multiple tools for sharing and promoting your contest:


  1. You can invite people to join in your contest - you just need to open the contest page and to click ‘invite’ at the right corner of the menu below the contest cover. Then select:

  • by name if you would invite somebody via Voubs;

  • by email - if you would like to send him/her mail about your contest;

  • by social media if you want to send invitation there;

  • by link - copy the link and send to the person;

  1. You can also use the bonus system for inviting somebody to become VOUBS registered user - click the icon near your profile of a person with a + next to him. Read more for the bonuses here: https://www.voubs.com/help/faq/what-are-the-bonuses-for-inviting-a-friend/108

  2. You can share the contest on your VOUBS timeline every 24 hours - you just need to click the share button on the right upper corner of the contest cover and select the VOUBS icon;

  3. You can share the contest in social media - you go same place for sharing: right upper corner of the contest cover

  4. You can talk to your friends - certainly this is very easy way to make your contest trendy.


We expect your crazy & funny contests on interesting topics!


We wish you good luck with your contests!


1 comment from 1 voubster
Neil Henson  

Hey it was a nice contest. I wish my article had won, but you can read it on another site.
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Reply  •  April 10, 2022 06:07:02 PM UTC
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