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The Logo Has Been Found!

  • February 25, 2019
  • 1300 2 0

At the end of last month one of the biggest graphic contests organized on VOUBS came to an end - the search of logo for the financial organization Crediva whose focus is on lending credits.

225 propositions of amateur and professional designers were approved to take part in the contest and they were options for the representatives of the company. The spicy award of 500 euro provoked quite a wide range of interest. The contest was visited more than 9100 euro which is a record for a graphic design contest on our platform. And after 1300 votes of the public and the decision of the jury, a winner was defined - Mrs. Irena Toshkova.

The contest rules clearly stated that after selecting the winner, 5 adjustments are due in order to fully satisfy the requirements of Crediva and only then, they would pay the copyrights. And with the kind cooperation of the designer for slight changes, Crediva finally found their perfect logo!

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting propositions:


Firstly, let us present to you the first version of the logo which won the contest. The end version you can see at the contest cover.


Second place also goes to proposition by Irena Toshkova which has quite a similar idea. Apparantly, Irena found out what the taste of the clients is :) 3rd place is coming directly from Serbia - it is for the proposition of Kristina Mitrovic. Here it is:


Public’s favourite turned out to be the proposition of Stilian Penev. Maybe because the voubsters like the style of the platform and the ideas of the designer who worked on it are also liked by the voubsters  :)


Amongst some of the interesting proposition, we would like to point out the one of Karina Ivanova.


And here comes something more colorful, equally as worthy of the award, made by Krasimir Daskalov, who put the focus (by the human in the logo) on the friendly attitude which Crediva shows to all of its clients:


Thanks to everybody who participated! We are proud that such talented people visit our platform! Be ready for many more contests on VOUBS!

1 comment from 2 voubsters
Jacquelyn Norris  

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Reply  •  August 30, 2022 12:26:52 PM UTC
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