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Small Beauties Of Nature @ TOP 10 February Photos

  • March 12, 2019
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Another month down in the countdown to the lovely spring that is just about to come. Be patient, dear Voubsters. Only few days left! What is good - this month’s issue is full of photos of the small beautiful nature details that we often omit to notice. Let’s get reminded what spring looked like:

10. ‘Drops After The Rain’ by Kristina Nikolova



The little drops on a small grass are a tender thing to catch. The green reflects in the small drops as well as every small detail there.

9. ‘Today’s menu Katla Curry’ by Dibakar Roy



India is famous for all of its interesting spicies, different flavours and.. that cuisine! Did you know that the origin of curry is exactly India?! That’s how you can dip into other cultures - by following what’s going on VOUBS.

8. ‘Boundless Childhood’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



Best time ever - the childhood! Nothing as pure and enjoyable exists in the world. It is the kind childish eyes believing in everything and looking for colors and adventures! Don’t you want to go back and jump once again in the river without even thinking of catching a cold or getting dirty!?

7. ‘Oil & Water’ by Pascale Cadieux  



Tender inspection of the small drops left by water and oil, arranged as if they are travelling to somewhere. Hey, where are you headed to?!

6. ‘Reflexion’ by Zdravka Yordanova



Time to admit that all flowers are just like women - beautiful, unique, colorful and vain. Women do take a look at mirrors as much as possible, while the flowers don’t miss to see their reflexions in the sun rays or on the small drops of the morning dew.

5. ‘Beauty in Nature’ by Kristina Nikolova



Green, greener, greenest… how many shades of being alive will the spring bring to us?! The prominent love of Kristina for taking pictures of the nature is obvious one more time in this contest.

4. ‘The little beautiful things in nature’ by Ilinka MIleva



Our Gold member gave really good name of her photo. It is quite summarizing everything we saw up to now. In fact, by becoming gold member, you too will be able to see some extra ‘little things’ - let’s say the stats in a contest.

3. ‘With A Spring Flavour’ by Zdravka Dimitrova  



Well, well, we are in the top places now! And certainly we start them with spring things: flowers and ladybug. Did you know that ladybugs are believed to bring luck when found! Strange is that only the red ones like this - the yellow not.


2. ‘Make A Wish’ by Sandra Mitchell



Not only tulips do they have in Netherlands - we can see a beautiful dandelion. Let’s all make a wish for amazing spring to come with a basket of happiness.

1.’Macro World’ by Kostadin Yordanov



Last month Kostadin made it to 2nd place, but his way to the top was successfully brought by another shot of a dandelion. Soft, tender, gorgeous! Congrats!

And you, dear Voubsters, don’t miss to register in the March photo contest We know that you have lovely shots - don’t be egoist, share them with others, get feedback and enjoy the experience of having your work exposed!

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