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World Wood Day Photo & Video Contests 2019

  • March 15, 2019
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The last day of January was an important day - it was the end of the Photo Contest ‘Change In Wood Culture’ in all 3 of its categories (People, Heritage & Environment). February’s ending was equally as dramatic as it was the end of the video contest on the same topic. What is the brief overview you would ask?! 1247 breathtaking photos of photographers from all around the world, 64 high quality videos registered, extremely hard job for the jury members, awareness raised to high extend, 40 winners and total of $27 400 which know in whose bank accounts they would go!


Best thing about the winning photos & videos- from VOUBS we really think the greatest of it all is the fact that the winning pieces of art will be exhibited and presented very soon (on 21st March) at the grand event World Wood Day. This year it will take place in Austria, gathering together people of all walks of life - nature lovers and activists, people of art and of industry from all the continents. The event is annual and it is the 7th time it will be held. It really helps spreading the cause that ‘Wood is Good!’ lead by The International Wood Culture Society.


The category which caused the highest buzz and got the most entries was ‘Environment’ with 596 photos registered and approved to take part as they meet the requirements of the contest. And they were not easy! The hardest photography category turned out to be ‘People’ with 292 photos although the page was visited more than 16 800 times. The last photography category - ‘Heritage’ got 359 photos. Videos, as it takes much longer to be produced and as it was the first year of competition for them, were 64 in total and it is a good number.


But where is the grand photography award headed to?!


Ok, we will not torture you any more! The grand prize winner with the highest voting is Myo Min Kywe from Myanmar for his photography registered in the Environment category and called ‘Hope’.



The photo shows 3 children desperately trying to plant a tree so they would have at least something to hope for. The story of the hard life is about the suffering of the climate changes in the middle of Myanmar. So touching photo - the drought all around but yet the hope is in the hands of the young once!


Congratulations, Myo, for becoming this years winner and receiving $2 500!


If the grand prize will go to highest rated photo of ‘Environment’ category, then who will take the category’s winning place?

The winner of this category is Petr Kozlov from Russia. He will receive the  $1 800 price award of ‘Environment’.



The photo was taken above Tavatuy lake. The name of the lake means ‘’Mountain Feast”. This is great photo representation of the natural beauty, totally worthy of winning the most competed category.

Who is the next winner?


The next winner is called Vitaliy Novikov from Russia and he gets $1 800 for winning ‘Heritage’ category.



This is a photo of the wooden domes of the temple near village of Varzuga. The temple dates back to 14th century. It’s an UNESCO world heritage.

What about ‘People’ category?

The winner there is from India and his name is Debdatta Chakraborty



The photographer took a picture in Bengal, India of an old man working in a boat making factory. Apparently, the guy is really handy and he knows well the craft. Neglecting his age, accepting the circumstances, he continues to work the hard job of wood carving.

And the video winner is…?


Her name is Maria Perlado. What we know about her is two things: that she is from Spain and she is amazing video maker. Opps… there is a third thing that we know - now she is starting to spend the $5000 that she recently received for her winning 1-minute video.


The video itself perfectly summarizes how the wood usage has been changed and kept the same in some ways. It clearly explains that for centuries the wood remains indispensable part of people’s lives. Amazing job - this is how 1-minute can make a change: by inspiration, talent and hard work!

The above mentioned where the TOP winners of the contest and the category. Please see the list of the 30 photographers with honorable mentions and the other 5 video makers who got awards:


Environment category:

300 $ Zay Yar Lin, Myanmar

300 $ Hasse Hamid, Malaysia

300 $ Jason Freeman, Australia

300 $ Alexey Khrushchev, Russia

300 $ Soma Negahdarinia, Iran

300 $ Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India

300 $ Daria Vasileva, Russia

300 $ Stanimir Stanev, Bulgaria

300 $ Yevhen Samuchenko, Ukraine

300 $ Evgenii Soloninov, Russia

Heritage category:

300 $ Alexandr Romanov, Russia

300 $ Zay Yar Lin, Myanmar

300 $ Froi Rivera, Philippines

300 $ Indranil Sengupta, India

300 $ Leyla Emektar, Turkey

300 $ Alina Sydykova, Kyrgyzstan

300 $ Froilan Robas, Philippines

300 $ Danilo Victoriano J, Philippines

300 $ Olga Burda, Russia

300 $ Peter Lee, Malaysia

People category:

300 $ Andrey Snegirev, Russia

300 $ Alexander Stepanenk, Russia

300 $ Chetan Soni, India

300 $ Andi Nursam Adiputra, Indonesia

300 $ Bernard Recirdo II, Philippines

300 $ Azim Khan Ronnie, Bangladesh

300 $ Fulya Fercan, Turkey

300 $ Mark Anthony Agtay, Philippines

300 $ Erkin Bolzhurov, Kyrgyzstan

300 $ Amitava Chandra, India

1-minute video contest:

$2500 Patricia Izah Benipayo, Philippines


$1500 Nikolay Nikolov, Bulgaria


500$ Viny Wardatur Rosy Rozana, Indonesia


500$ Åshild Samseth, Norway


500$ Azim Khan Ronnie, Bangladesh

We wish you your name to be part of this article next year! Until then, don’t miss a contest on VOUBS where great surprises are waiting for you!

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