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7 Reasons Why To Join Photography Contests

  • March 22, 2019
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Many times you have found ads on the internet that offer you to join a contest. And most probably you have skipped them. ‘What’s the point to joining in, there will be many other participants, it will be pure luck to win”, you would think or “Why waste my time” or many other negative thoughts would cross your mind. But you need to think of all the perks a contest can bring into your life and your career regardless if you are professional photographer or amateur. So next time when you are about to click the X to the contest offer, think of these reasons why you should give it a try and join the contest:

  1. For sure, when you take part in photo contest, you will receive feedback. If the voting is from the public - great, this means that you will understand better what most of the people are looking for. If it is from pro-jury team - what better chance for you to learn and to ameliorate.

  2. By joining in a contest, you really stand a chance of winning an amazing prize. In the meantime, if you register in a website which is specialized in selling photographies, there you need to subscribe for a plan for example of selling 30 photos and receiving 15 euros. On www.voubs.com, the contest hub, there are winners getting 2,500 dollars for their photo. For example, Myo Min Kywe from Myanmar won this award end of January for a world renowned photo contest hosted on the platform.

  3. What’s the artist’s greatest threat?! Honestly, being in the so called ‘dark hole’ where there is nothing new to use their creativity for. Nothing turns out to be the so called ‘muse’. But in a photography contest you can unfold your potential and use the originality needed. You will have a task, a motivation so this is a serious stimulus. Inspiration doesn’t come out of nowhere, we often need to search for it.  

  4. You make a photo session. Hard work, great work! You have loads of shots. Which to work on, which is best?! Whenever you have a special task such as taking part in a contest, you will look at your work with another eye. For sure, you will critic yourself more, nothing will be enough, you will get some extra ideas how to make everything better. Evaluating your work honestly is part of the hardest things an author need to do.

  5. A typical outcome of photography contest is the international exposure. Yep, in platforms like VOUBS there are people from all around the world - visual specialists, marketeers, business developers who are enjoying the networking with other professionals. Comments and messaging of the platform allow the users to interact between each other & make agreements to work of projects together.

  6. Another thing is absolutely certain - if you are hanging around in a surrounding with other photographers, you will know the novelties & the trends much faster. You will be informed for exhibitions and workshops much faster than waiting for the news to come out of nowhere.

  7. The last but not least reason that we would like to point out in this list of pros for taking part of the photo contests is the excitement. We all need a spice of thrill of our daily life. Just imagine being the best and tasting what victory is like! Once acquainted to this feeling, you will not refuse it!


So, if those 7 reasons seem logical to you - you know what to do! Take a part in that contest! Don’t hesitate! Actually, after all things said, you can only win, never lose!

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