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10 Reasons Why To Create Online Contest?

  • March 26, 2019
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Have you ever been in a trap where you know that you need something more, something new either for the development of you as a person leading a cause or for the development of the business that you are working for? As this is quite a commоn problem, most probably you have! Organizing online contest will provide you with solution and will bring some additional bonuses which most of the people haven’t thought that can be so easily achieved.


  1. Before organizing online contest you need to steadily state what your goals are. Believe it or not, online contests help you reach business and marketing goals. For example, you need to know if you just want to make a fuzz around your product/ service/ event by making people aware of it. Certainly, you can make people visit your website more if you are chasing traffic there. For sure, online contests are perfect way for engaging with audience.

  2. Ok, speaking of audiences, we cannot forget to mention that when you create and manage online contest, you will for sure be able to collect legally needed data for your customers/ users/ supporters. This will easily help you build mailing list, for example, which later on can be used as remarketing strategy. Also, analysing the information of the online contest will give you more data about people who are your potential clients - what are they like, how old, what are they likely to do more often, etc.

  3. Another thing is certain: if you organize an online contest, you will definitely have a good thing to run your ads about. This is the perfect promotional topic that you can talk about anywhere.

  4. Let’s face the facts - contests do not always have cash prize. Even most of the times there is a product offered as an award. Which can easily help you get away of the tedious and overburdening organization of sampling of your product/ service in public. Not only presenting samples to people could be expensive but most of the goods do not allow opening up their full potential in such cases. And here comes the possibility to send your product as awards. For example, on the www.voubs.com platform, specialized contest hub, recently hosted a contest offering as awards Three Chess board games. The winners are currently getting the lovely experience of the product which is meant for home use. Would the Chess board producer be as successful if they made a campaign on a stand in a supermarket or a mall? Simple and fast answer - no!

  5. Another major reason for creating contests is that they are the perfect thing to pull some strings and to use partnerships with influencers. By a contest, you will give them a topic to discuss with their fans. And nothing is better than people talking about you!

  6. But what about if your business is just about to start, you might need a logo. And instead of the long listening to promises of different designers what is best and how they would make unforgettable logo, you can create a contest for design. This is how you will get multiple ideas and will buy the copyrights only of the one that really is the best for you.

  7. Organizing a contest is way simpler than organizing an exhibition. 100% proven! However, the effect can be quite the same - by a contest on a specific topic, you can collect amazing photo shots and put them together. Creating a photo contest means creating your gallery but in an easy way.

  8. Mentioning how easy it is, we will not omit to point out that online contest is the most cost-effective way. Especially if you are using a specialized platform, then you don’t even need IT team to create your web site nor marketing team to think on all the contest management. We would not even dare to compare the prices of making a contest on live event and online. We would just ask you to think about, for example,  how much would it cost you to gather together public of a thousand people? Online - this means you are directly at the homes of those thousand people at any time.

  9. Another lovely thing about online contests is that there are already some solutions such as VOUBS which offer you self-service forms to fill in and it takes you 5 minutes to pass the 4 steps of creating your contest. You only need to write down your contest details and rules in the form. You don’t have to start finding new ways how to make fair voting or even how to arrange your announcement. It is all done for you and designed to save your time.

  10. And of course, last but not least, you will have all the data collected which you need to analyse and to make another contest next time even better. Constant improvement is the key to success for everybody!


We wish you good luck with your online contests! Hope that this article was useful for you and inspired you!

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