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The contest that won the contest for contests

  • April 2, 2019
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Two months ago VOUBS started its new initiative - we now have a brand new contest which is actually giving you the taste of being the organizer yourself. Now not only can you participate in contests and by this compete for first place. Now you are competing for being the best organizer. It is super simple - just select a topic on which you would like to have a contest and fill in our form “Contest For Fun” (you can reach it by clicking on “Create Contest”). Then share as much as you can your contest because the contest with the most entries gets our award of 100 euro!


A little hint how to find more participants for your contest is the ‘Invite’ button. It is situated on the contest page and allows you to send a special personalized invitation to many people.


And now let’s take a look who found out how to get more people to participate in his contest. And by this we mean who is the winner in our first edition of the Contest for Contest which will be held monthly - a.k.a. every end of the month is the deadline for getting entries.


The March winner is… Pascale Cadieux who created the contest “Beauty of flowers”: https://www.voubs.com/contests/the-beauty-of-flowers/795 It turns out that the topic was quite intreaguing for many people and our Voubster from Canada became the first number 1! Different picture of flowers had been submitted: daisies, roses, spring blooming branches. 140 entries in total which is quite a result! And finally poppies were selected to be the winner of the winning contest. Hm.. sounds a bit strange to say it like that but you will get used to it - there are only winners here in VOUBS. See below the winning media of Leonid Borozentsev from Russia:



Strange thing this month, to be honest is that 18 contests were completing but second place in the Contest for contests was taken from ‘Best flower photo’, creator Itso Tepavicharov. Quite the same topic!? And it had 109 entries. So we guess that spring mood is really the winning mood right now!


Third place in the Contest for contest of March goes to Kostadinka Yordanova for her Best Sky Photo with 89 participants.


We wish all the April creators good luck! And don’t forget that the key to success is creating and sharing with friends!

1 comment from 1 voubster
Tony A  

The third place goes to...who? Kostadinka Yordanova ? her real name is
Костадинка Йорданова or maybe Kostadin Yordanova lol!

6 Reply  •  April 2, 2019 08:43:22 PM UTC
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