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Black & White and Spring Colours @ TOP 10 March Photos

  • April 18, 2019
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Last month’s contest was another exciting thing already registered in the completed section of VOUBS. With 125 entries and more than 4 700 visits of the contest page, it successfully finished giving the floor to the April’s contest.


What happened last month?! To sum up: lots of international influence, black and white winning photos, super hard to define the TOP photos. Basically, it was another month in which our amazing Voubsters amazed us how many talented people are on our platform. We do thank you for sharing all this art with us!


It is time to review the TOP 10:


10. ‘Sea Son’ by Andi Nursam adiputra



The first in the TOP list of March is the picture of boys enjoying the time on the sea side. As the photographer is from Indonesia, we suppose the photo was also taken in his exotic home land. In fact, it doesn't matter where because kids always are the ones who have the most fun.  How many of you would jump in the water with clothes?

9. ‘Time To The Dentist’ by Anzhelina Nadiezda



Interesting photography decision - using magnifying glass in order to show a defect in the portrait that was taken of a young boy. Yet it is not exactly the teeth that grabs our attention - once more it is the most important part of a portrait: the eyes. Bright, playful, full of life as all children's eyes should be.

8. ‘Morning Dew’ by Kostadin Yordanov



The freshest time of the day is the morning. And the nature’s breath can be seen! It is presented by the morning dew.


7. ‘Peace In A Cloud’ by Apu Jaman



Delight! Simply delight and nothing more. This photo is a reminder to all of us that we need to find our way to feel like we are soaring high in the skies together with our dreams. We need to find serenity every day!

6. ‘Verliga’ by Konstantinos Lagos



Greece is a country full of history, philosophy, myths. Cradle of many of the nowadays sciences. It is also a country full of sunshine, one of the best places in the world to sunbathе and swim in perfectly clear waters. But there are many other wonders about Greece. On of them - Verliga plateau - let’s enjoy  the majestic view.

5. ‘End Of Winter’ by Blagovest Belchev



March is the official end of the winter. The cold slowly passes away giving its turn to the green leaves and flowers.


4. ‘Spring Still Life’ by Zdravka Dimitrova



Ladybug, flower, berries, what better to represent the spring. The nature regains its powers. A beautiful picture with well-deserved bronze badge symbolizing that it was added to favourites 20 times.

3. ‘This Is The Beginning Of Anything You Want’ by Tyler McAuley



We start the ‘Honoured’ part of the TOP 10 with a black and white photography of a beautiful ballet - yoga pose. The beautiful synchronization of the bodies of the male and female mannequins are inspiring. Blessed are those who find someone whose soul matches the others in this perfect way!

2. ‘The Rice Mill’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



Next black and white photo that climbed up the winning stairs this month shows us rice mills in Bangladesh. Asia traditionally produces a lot of rice which feed the population. Just like wheat in Europe.

1.’Poor African Woman’ by ahmed ibrahem‬‏



The gold medal of March goes to Egypt. Ahmed took an amazing photo of an African woman. Great job!


Dear Voubsters, hope you enjoyed another month of excitement! Don’t miss the chance to take part in April’s contest! Good luck to you all!

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