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Flowers and butterflies: April’s on fire at TOP 10 April Photo

  • May 10, 2019
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How was your April? Did you celebrate? Eastern? April’s Fool Day? Or maybe the rebirth of nature? We are happy to see that although the weather is getting better and better, the Voubsters take a few minutes to share with us their lovely works of art. We can honestly say that we adored the entries in the last month’s contest. If you still haven’t taken a look at them, now is the right moment.


10. ‘Dancing with fire’ by Mikhail M



The start this month’s winning entries is with a fire dance. Probably you have witnessed the lovely dance that the artist - acrobats make with burning tools. It is an innovative idea to make a photo session with them. We can only say ‘Wow’ both to the shapes that the artist in front of the camera drew and ‘wow’ to the skills of the artist behind the camera.

9. ‘The soft beauty of the spring’ by Kostadinka Yordanova



Beautiful newly open green leaves on trees - what more spring-like? Notice how the two the branches of the trees look interlaces - just as if they are holding hands.

8. ‘Spring time’ by Myo Min Kywe



Let’s take a look what is the spring like in Myanmar. Again amazing nature colours and beautiful trees opening up their leaves. So similar and yet so different on the continents. Thanks for the photo, Myo, it has a well deserved badge: bronze for being added to favourites more than 20 times!

7. ‘Harvesting red chilies’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



We continue to follow different shot from the photo session on the fields where red chilies are being harvested. It is exhausting manual job for the women of Bangladesh. This time we can even see young child being around his mom in the heat.

6. ‘Celebrating victory’ by Andi Nursam adiputra



A black and white photography showing the smiles of children will playing. Every game is a victory if you are enjoying it purely and heartly.

5. ‘The beauty of simplicity’ by Pascale Cadieux




The Canadian photographer of the photo is well-known to the regular Voubsters with her amazing shots of flowers. We welcome them one more in the TOP 10 April Photos.

4. ‘Play with fire’ by Mikhail M



If the photo on 10th place looks like a dance, this even gives you shivers as if the guy is a sorcerer or a kung fu master. Really great job with this photo session!

3. ‘Beautiful butterfly’ by Kristina Nikolova



And we are already at the medalist places! 3rd place goes to Kristina for another beautiful nature photo of a butterfly trying to remain hidden thanks to her wings which have the colours of the plants it chose to land on.

2. ‘Butterfly and flower’ by Kristina Mitrovic



Not only the first name of the two photographers is the same but also their choice of what to take photo of and to register it in this contest! So at the end we have one more beautiful butterfly!

1.’Floating flower’ by Mary dow



The ‘gold’ for April goes to the US! Mary’s really tender shot deserved that honour!


And you, dear Voubsters, it is your time to join and win the next contest - TOP 10 May Photos.

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