• June 10, 2019
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Spring is here. And we enjoy the sun, the flowers which make our daily life at least a little bit prettier, nature is flourishing at its top. To how many of you the spring is your favourite season?


At this TOP 10 Photos seems like quite a lot of people love spring. We received 99 amazing entries, most of which catching the spring magic. It was not an easy task for the jury panel to vote, but we must have the TOP 10 as the title of the contest requires it. Let’s take a look at the situation:

10. ‘Gianna running through the wildflowers’ by Joe Saladino



Children enjoy very many little things in life. And it is important to keep this fact this way as much as we can so they can preserve this ability in their adulthood.

Little Giana’s photo was taken in Florida, USA in the middle of a field of coreopsis flower.

9. ‘Moss’ by Claire Paré



Small dew drops are tender nature’s miracle that refresh the world giving it brand new powers for the day. The moss captured by Claire is a photo representing the rebirth of nature.

8. ‘Flora’ by Kimberley Scott



Beautiful flower picture taken in UK. To us it looks like a camomile. What do you think it is? In any case the focus of the photo is ideal.

7. ‘Waterfall’ by Calin Mirisan


The first of the winning photos of this month’s that comes from the Balkan Peninsula. Seems like the water is making a braid while falling. Great shot!

6. ‘Nature beauty’ by Myriam Biron



Small butterfly landed on a stalk is the main character of the photo. Lovely moment captured to show to us the nicely colored wings.

5. ‘My Mom’ by Andi Nursam adiputra



A heartly photo of the mother of the photographer. We can see every wrinkle on the face of the woman caused by the hardships of life and worries for her kids. And yet is is the tender smile and the big understanding eyes that we just cannot forget to notice. Andi reminds us by his photo that we need to show our moms how much we love and appreciate them every time that we have the chance.

4. ‘The beauty of flowers’ by Kristina Nikolova



This is the flower that is usually called ‘Bird of Paradise’. Its beautiful flowers are the next in the collection of the photographer with great shots of living nature.

3. ‘Butterfly’ by Reyansh Singh



The first ‘Honored’ media in this contest is from India and it is a photo of a butterfly whose wings look like painted by world renown impressionist of 19th century.

2. ‘Double Beauty’ by Konstantinos Lagos



Spring freshness on the stone bridge of Palaiokarya, Greece and the waterfall view. Perfect double beauty to get second place in our month’s contest.

1.’Forget me not’ by Pascale Cadieux



Our gold member receives first place as her photo got the highest rating this month - 79.66 as well as it was added to favourites by different users more than 20 times (deserving another badge).


Congrats to Pascale and all the other winners! Good luck on the next month’s issue!

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