An Introduction to VIPA 2016’s Categories

  • December 30, 2016
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If you still haven’t heard about VIPA 2016, that is one of the biggest online photography contests, held by VOUBS — the international contest hub. At the same time, VIPA 2016 is the biggest contest that VOUBS has organized so far, as there are plenty of reasons for this: the international jury (consisting of some of the most successful photographers in the world), the huge cash award fund (total of 41 000€), the friendly rules, and last but not least — all the 6 different categories that you can participate in.

In order to make your choice easier, here is a quick and short introduction to VIPA 2016’s categories.

The cash award fund for each of the category is 6000€:

• 2000€ for the 1st place

• 1500€ for the 2nd

• 1000€ for the 3rd

• 800€ for the 4nd

• 700€ for the 5th.

After you chose the category that suits you best, go at and join the contest!

1. Food Photography

This category is our favorite because it merges two of the most exciting hobbies for everybody — food and photography. This is a chance for those among you who love cooking and eating food, and for those who love taking photos of freshly prepared food but not for the purposes of Instagram. Joining this category is easy — cook your favorite recipe, take an amazing photo of the end result (which also has to be amazing), and then submit your masterpiece to the Food Photography category.

2. Fashion Photography

Just like you know, fashion and photography go hand in hand in many occasions. There is no fashion event without photographs and there is no photographer in the world who won’t be thrilled to shoot the latest collection of some famous and extravagant fashion designer. If you are mad about fashion or already have some fashion photographs in your portfolio, don’t hesitate to take part in.

3. People Photography

The headline of this category is “Capture an emotion”. That is because emotions are one of the things that define us as humans. What we want from you is to capture an emotion with your camera — smiling, crying, being happy, being sad, being proud... it’s totally up to you — and then send the photo to our contest. If your photo is good enough, our jury might award your skills with some cash.

4. Architectural Photography

The Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, the pyramids in Giza, the Eiffel tower, the Pentagon. Our world is populated with millions of buildings with different designs, structures and shapes and it won’t be that hard to take some amazing photos. It could be anything from a church to a business center, even an opera or some old castle. Do you have such a photo in your archives? Then go ahead! This might be your chance to enter the world of photography!

5. Reportage Photography

We are living in a dynamic world and there are thousands of events that are happening at any point right now. Some of them are good (like seeing Santa Clause or being at a wedding), while others are causing nothing but sadness in our hearts. It’s up to you to grab your camera and take what’s called a “reportage photograph”, depicting an event you are witnessing. After you are done, go at and submit your photo.

6. Attractive Photographs from Bulgaria

The reasons for having this category are two. First, VOUBS started as a Bulgarian contest platform but quickly turned into an international contest hub. And second, Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and if you still haven’t visited it, make sure you do this and do it soon. And who knows, you might capture some outstanding photo and grab the top award in this category.

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