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  • July 17, 2019
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We have come to the middle of our TOP 10 contests for 2019. The year passed so fast. Especially the summer months if you have taken some days off. Have you been sunbathing already? Or maybe mountain hiking? Because in the contest you can see the amazing holiday photos of the other Voubsters and hopefully you will feel like you have been there with them.


The competition is not a thing to underestimate as it shows also in this issue of the contest. Although we have slightly few entries compared to the beginning of the year, the quality of the shots registered is still amazing. Professional and amateur photographers from Bulgaria, USA, India, Bangladesh, Russia and many other countries took part. 


Ok, it is high time that we stop talking and start showing the winners of the June issue:


10. ‘Foggy Journey’ by Mohammad Khaled Bin Salam



The south Asian country Bangladesh is a warm place normally. There people have never seen ice and snow as the temperature is never below 0°C. Unfortunately, they need to deal with high humidity which causes fog and not to mention the floods that often occur. 20 years ago a flood killed 1 thousand people and left 30K homeless. The climate is not easy. And the Bangladeshi people are used to being strong to survive. You can see at old age the man at the photo not being scared but continuing to paddle forward. 

9. ‘Afternoon Cyclists’ by CHINMOY BISWAS




A beautiful shot capturing both a landscape and movement of people. It is taken in a special moment of the day. And it is the orange - pink sky that gives you the feeling of lovely continuation when you keep your destination and when you are with trusted friends. 

8. ‘Summer In Procida Island’ by Alessia Piscopo



Let’s go south! Straight to South Italy! To Naples. No, even more exotic place - to Procida Island. With coast line only of 16km, it is a beautiful place to visit and see Italian culture and to enjoy the sun. How many of you would like to be on one of the boats we see on Alessia’s photo. Oh, count all the VOUBS team for sure!

7. ‘Ladybug’ by Zdravka Dimitrova 



It is believed that seeing a ladybug is a luck. Let’s hope that this ladybug will bring luck to all the people who read this article! We sincerely wish you that!

6. ‘Tina & Chubais’ by Natalia Polomina




Kids and cats are so lovely. Especially when they are sleeping and not pondering on their next trick which damages the order or the house itself. We don’t know if the Sleeping beauty really existed once upon a time, but we do think that this child is able to be the face of a tale.

5. ‘Gentle Butterfly’ by Kostadinka Yordanova




It is not an easy task to capture a bug in such a detail as Kostadinka managed. Thanks to her shot we can even see the fuzz which covers the wings of the butterfly. Not an often thing to notice and yet so gentle.

4. ‘An Ant’ by Azim Khan Ronnie




Another bug found its winning place in this month’s issue of TOP 10 photos. Lovely photo. Hope that it was not taken on a shelf at one’s home! It is not a pleasant thing to see ant in you your house.

3. ‘Morning Alms’ by Myo Min Kywe 



Not an often word to hear. Alms definition given by dictionary is - ‘something (such as money or food) given freely to relieve the poor’. The picture perfectly depicts this: a woman distributing food to young monks. We are blessed to see that there are so kind people and the humanity is still with open-heart. By the cloths of the lady we can notice that she is not rich herself but she prefers to share what she has. And you, did you do anything good today? 

A photo to reflect on...

2. ‘Chamomilla’ by Natalia Polomina




Natalia’s portrait of the beautiful artistic girl grabs a silver badge ‘Honored’ in this month’s contest. The big eyes of the little lady can charm everybody.

1.’Happy Cuddling’ by Light Rays Photography




Winner is a wildlife shot of two birds. It is known that in nature some birds spend their lifetime together and remain faithful to one another all their lives. They fly together, build a nest, feed their little birds, and travel the skies. Only together. It is so amazing to see that such love exists. If only everybody could live a life in such love!


After seeing all the inspiring winners of the contest of June, we would like to wish you as magical continuation of the summer as it seems June was for the Voubsters who took part. And, of course, good luck on next month’s contest!

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Light Rays Photography  

Thank You So Much... @Voubs Community.

1 Reply  •  July 17, 2019 04:32:17 PM UTC

We thank you for the amazing photos and the fresh ideas that you bring to our community!

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