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What is it like at your 50? Pretty nice, especially if it is about a hotel!

  • August 2, 2019
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50 years ... half a century. Time for wisdom, calmness, maturity, balance, acquired class, a steady experience behind your back. Yes, all of these qualities are possessed by Hotel INTERNATIONAL Golden Sands. And besides a well-known name and quality of service, it is guaranteed that is was upgraded and refreshed. And with all these factors in mind, how could the 50th anniversary of the hotel not be a great occasion for a celebration.


At the top of the International Golden Sands is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the whole of Bulgaria - the Skyfall infinity pool. Oh, we would love a VIP pass there! Hmm .. but how do we get it?! - Easy! By taking part in the competition marking the anniversary of the hotel. This and many other prizes such as 5,000 leva, 1 weekend for two, vouchers for 500 leva from Dynaphoss and another 500 leva PhotoSynthesis, 200 leva from Reaction and MaxSport, 50 more gifts from International are waiting for you! Because this birthday is not like everyone else's - here the birthday hotel gives out gifts, and they are from nice to nicer! 


The prizes sound great, and it's even more enjoyable to understand the theme of the competition - easy and fun. All you have to do is shoot a one-minute video about Varna and register it at: http://www.1varna.bg/ . To sum up: while on holiday in Varna and enjoying the summer, you can win prizes. And in just one minute! The competition requirements are described on the competition page, but we assure you - there is nothing unusual. Don’t be scared to participate, make friends, have fun. Most of the prizes will be awarded by lot, so everyone has a chance to win - regardless if you are a pro or an amateur in video recording. 


But it's really important not to miss the deadlines. Every good thing has an end. The summer as well. Shortly after we send out the sunniest season, the contest will be closed for video signups. It is September 30th that is the last chance to submit your video. But a little advice - do not wait for the last moment, as the first place will be determined by a vote of the jury and the audience. The more time the audience votes on your video, the better. And mentioning the jury, let's list them: Hotel International, Affect Media, Art In Vision, as well as the famous Bulgarian rap artist - 100 Kila.


Let's thank Hotel International as well as their partners for organizing this super competition: INNOWAVE SUMMIT, Dynaphos, Photosynthesis, MaxSport, Reaction Shop, Varna Adrenaline Club, Karting Varna, Red Bull, Affect Media, Art In Vision. Participate now!

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I went to a hotel and stayed there for a week. It was really nice and very interesting. The hotel has many rooms, but only two were occupied by other guests at the same time as me. Visit this 5-meo-dmt usa vendor for best reviews. The rest were empty except for me and my room-mate, who was American and very friendly. I am happy for my 50th. I just moved into my new place and feel like this is my new home.

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