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Nature All Around The World @ TOP 10 Photos July

  • August 12, 2019
  • 2225 2 0

TOP 10 July contest this year is in the history. July is gone and the winners are clear. Time has no stop button, as much as we would like. There is no reverse as well. So if you are not amongst the 62 participants in the contest of July, you cannot do anything else but to review their 86 submissions and to decide with which photo to take part in TOP 10 Photos August. Because the winner gets recognition, WINGS; each participant - thrill, rating and amazing experience.


And speaking of winners, it is time to take a look at the situation. How many photos of nature do we have this month? Let’s see:


10. ‘Lonely’ by CHINMOY BISWAS




We start the top 10 with a black and white photo of loneliness. Cloudy sky, empty boats, dark waters and one boy. Great expression of loneliness. The photo has been added to favourites more than 20 times so it has the special bronze badge of that. Good job!

9. ‘My Girl In A Hot July Day’ by Stefani Stefanova




Dogs are the best friends of people. It is scientifically proven that you can get attached to a pet as strong as to a person. So you can understand why the photographer calls the dog ‘my girl’. 

8. ‘The Stare’ by Light Rays Photography 




The winner of June’s TOP 10 Photos has participated again and dropped down a few places. Yet the photo is still very beautiful - he caught the moment when a pigeon is staring in the camera. It looks like as if the bird is posing. 

7. ‘Flowering Cactus’ by Gergina Nedelcheva




It is a well known fact that those who seem the roughest, have the mildest and most beautiful souls. This is the case with the cactuses as well - although they can pin you very hard and painful, if you take care if them properly, you will be rewarded with gorgeous flowers. Thanks for the colour-catching photo, Gergina. 

6. ‘Motherhood & Childhood’ by Mak Azad 



Being child is easy with all the games you play. And just the opposite with motherhood: with everything a mother is worried about. And yet the two stages are the most beautiful ever!

5. ‘Macro Photo’ by Ilinka MIleva




Scored 75.44 Ilinka’s photo is a great representation of what macro photography is. Do you believe that we pass by so many small elements and we almost never pay attention to!?

4. ‘Peacock’ by Azim Khan Ronnie 



The peacocks are amongst the most beautiful birds ever! We are always astonished when we see their feathers. And the photo was definitely taken from the right angle. Good job!

3. ‘Ladybug’ by Mary dow




The ladybugs have quite a history on VOUBS TOP 10 photos - they have established themselves as good thing to take picture of and to be at the TOP places. Here is another one. Let’s enjoy its vivid red dress!

2. ‘Sunset With Lavender Aroma’ by Kostadin Yordanov



Taken as if out of paradise, this landscape makes everyone dream! Dream of stronger hope, of harmony, of time for romance. 

1.’Mango Market’ by Azim Khan Ronnie 




The winner this month is a bird’s eye photo of a mango market in Bangladesh. Green, blue and lovely colours of people’s work! 


We thank all participants and wait the next month’s amazing photos!

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