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Beautiful World @ TOP 10 Photos August

  • September 10, 2019
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August is the heat of the summer in most parts of the world. It is related to summer mood, carelessness, happiness, love. And while everyone feels like going out and enjoying it, we are thankful that many Voubsters have decided to take some time to share their work with us. This month we have 113 entries, all of which made with good photography skills and worth taking a minute to enjoy. However, in these articles we are making only a brief review so we will only take a look at the highest rated 10 photos. 


10. ‘Elephant Family’ by Robert Abramson 




Off we start with one amazing shot of a family. Because there is nothing more important in the world than the family. The little elephant is holding the tail of their parent. Such a heartwarming shot which reminds us that we need to do it all to protect our closest people.

9. ‘August Is A Month For The Sea’ by Lyubo Panayotov 




A bird’s eye view of a beach supposingly in the evening as there are steps on the sand and no people sunbathing. Lovely waves are coming to crash near the umbrellas. August idyll. 

8. ‘My Beautiful Dog At Pchelina’ by Stefani Stefanova  




 Dogs are the person’s best friend. And it is a well deserved title. This means that they have many qualities. Apparently, Stefi’s dog is a great model. And who would not fall for these wise eyes?!

7. ‘Sad Sunsets’ by Evgeni Gavazov 




End of the day. End of a period. End. Sounds sad. The sunset is the time of the day during which you can see the bright colours looking sad. And yet not entirely as soon a new beginning is to come. 

6. ‘Boat Market’ by Azim Khan Ronnie 




One more shot of the photo session which depicts a boat market in Bangladesh. The vessels are made of wood and look amazing with their similar shapes.

5. ‘Portrait’ by Alin alsun Tanvir




Big child’s eyes. What more beautiful?! And interesting game of shadows in the portrait. The only thing we can say now is WE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. 

4. ‘Portrait Of An Elephant’ by Light Rays Photography 




Another portrait takes the next place. This time it is of an elephant. Pretty close shot of a wild animal. Great job!

3. ‘Journey By Launch’ by Azim Khan Ronnie



Off we start the medal places with a photo of a yacht. Another bird’s eye photo of something that we don’t see very often - giant yacht traveling the seas!

2. ‘Mother’s Love’ by Mak Azad




The strongest bond - parent’s love. And a mother is a mother, does not matter human or not! She would do anything for her child. That’s the real definition of mother, isn’t it?

1.’Belle Dame’ by Pascale Cadieux 




This ‘Beautiful Lady’ is the one that brings the win its photographer. Congrats! Even the rating score is amazing - with more than 90! 

And you, dear Voubsters, hope that you are not inspired to take part in the September issue! 

12 comments from 11 voubsters
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Shirley Jennings  

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