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Your Best Photos

  • May 18, 2020
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Do you like taking photos? If you are reading this article on our website, probably you do! So there is another brand new challenge for you - a contest made from another contestant with…. Attention! CASH PRIZE! And it is a pretty good one - 100 euro. Everyone can find them good designation. If you are keen on photography - this could mean new equipment for you. 


The contest is looking for your best photos. Simple and easy task. You just need to decide which ones are your most favourite. Which ones of those that you keep in your PC are worthy of being presented to the world now as your best? You are absolutely free to select the topic and the style of your photography - colorful or black & white, nature photography or portrait, exactly whatever you decide.


The creator of the contest is a professional photographer who will be the jury once the deadline for application is over. His name is Azim Khan Ronnie and he has been a frequenter of VOUBS. Many times we have enjoyed his works in different contest. And let us tell you a few things about him: winner of more than 300 international contest, working as a senior camera person in TV channel and fond of traveling and meeting new people. All of this combined with his constant good manners make him the perfect person to ask for opinion for your photography. So even you you are not applying because you want 100 euro, enter the contest to receive his feedback. Don’t miss your chance! 


So if you are already certain that you want to take part, it is easy: log into your VOUBS account, open the contest page by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2WkKUJO and follow the steps. There is an entry fee of 10 WINGS which you the VOUBS currency. If you don’t have any WINGS gained while playing on our gamification or won in a contest, you can purchase.


We are looking for your best photo. Hurry up because the contest is open for registration only until 25th of May! Good luck!


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