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The photomontage that will earn you 700€

  • March 8, 2017
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When was the last time when you were in a castle? A real castle — with huge, stone walls, several towers, a secret garden, a chapel, and even a lake? Don’t worry if you have never been to a medieval palace. You can still earn 700€, without leaving the comfort of your home. Read the entire article below to learn more about this great opportunity.

Back in 1996, an ambitious Bulgarian architect — Georgi Tumpalov — puts the foundations of an astonishing project that was his childhood dream. Georgi begins building his very own castle over the territory of Ravadinovo, a small village at the seaside of Bulgaria. It takes several years to Georgi and his family to build the magnificent castle they later called In Love with The Wind.

The castle is built with 20,000 tons of stones that contain micro diamonds. That is the reason why the castle changes its color during the different parts of the day. The building has several towers, and looked from above — it has the shape of a cross. Over the castle’s territory, you can find magical fountains, a garden with thousands of exotic plants, a lake, a chapel and many more amazing things! 

Now Georgi Tumpalov wants to present his architectural masterpiece to people from all around the world who would love to go and see the castle, and that’s why he needs your help. He is organizing a contest for a unique and creative photo montage that involves In Love with The Wind, and will generously reward the best participants.

Who and how can participate in the contest?

The photo montage contest is free and open to photographers and graphic designers from all over the world. You will be supplied with high-quality photos of the castle and there are no restrictions on what graphic design software you can use to create the photo montage.

The contest hosted at VOUBS — the contest hub with tens of contests organized every year. In order to participate, you must follow the link at the bottom of the page. The registration will begin on March 13, and will end on May 03, so you have enough time to create the best photo montage ever!

Why should you participle in the contest?

As a person who is interested (and skilled) in photography and photo editing, you are probably seeking ways to prove your talent and be rewarded for it. Well, the Fairytale castle photo montage contest is a great opportunity for you to show the world your skills, and to earn some amazing cash prizes. The total prize pool for the contest is 1500€, and the prizes are as follows: 

• 700€ for the 1st place 

• 400€ for the 2nd place

• 300€ for the 3rd place

Ten more participants will receive awards for a total of 100€ in WINGS — VOUBS’s virtual currency. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Who and how will determine the winners?

The maximum rating that a participant can achieve with their photo is 75%. The jury of the contest, which consists of Georgi Tumpalov and his team, could give a maximum of 60% rating. The other 15% is formed by the votes of VOUBS’s users. The voting begins on 27 March and ends on 10 May, as the winner will be announced on the following day.

Georgi Tumpalov and his team wish you inspirational and creative work!

Take part in the contest here: http://bit.ly/2mhVgGC


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