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Awesome photographers who did it

  • August 31, 2017
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The international contest for photography VIPA 2017 starts today, and we want to present you the winning photographers from the previous year. Almost 600 professionals and amateurs from around the world took part in VIPA 2016 and won not only prizes but fame, recognition and opportunities for their work to be appreciated by many more people. 

Gencho Petkov won the special award Photographer of the year and was acknowledged in 3 of the 6 categories (Architecture – 5th place, Reportage – 4th place, and Food – 2nd place). He received The Golden VOUBS and a check of 5000 eurosGencho Petkov is a professor of digital photography at the University of “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”, a member of the World Federation of Photographic Arts (AFIAP) and co-founder of the Association of Advertising Photographers in Bulgaria. His works were presented in more than 20 countries around the globe.


Meet the other winners from the 6 categories, as follows:


Veselin Atanasov (Bulgaria) won the 1st place in Photos from Bulgaria with his shot of the lighthouse near Ahtopol at sunrise. 


The second place in the same category went to Ivaylo Madzharov (Bulgaria) for his photograph of The Red Wall reserve in the Rhodopes.

Milan Ljubisavljević (Serbia) won the third place with the now famous lighthouse in Ahtopol. Milan is an editor at the stock photography agency Dreamstime.com

The photograph of St. Ivan Rilsky church – the only remains of the drowned village of Zapalnya won Ruslan Asanov the 4th place in the category. 

Krasimir Matarov made his photo of the Bulgarian lavender fields after a long journey in searching for the right place. His dedication was rewarded as more than 100 people voted for his work. 


The winner of the 1st place in Fashion category, Martin Krystynek, is a Qualified European Photographer member of FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers), president of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic and has worked in different fields such as politics, fashion and show business. He won more than 120 international awards and honorable mentions during the last two years. He won the 5th place in People category as well.


Rashad Mehdiyev (Azerbaijan) won the 2nd place with his photograph of wedding dress and a red car.

Maksim Igorevich Soloviev – the winner of the 3rd place has been published in magazines in countries on 3 continents (the UK, the USA, Singapore, Germany, Russia) and now besides of his previous exhibitions, has earned the opportunity to be a part of VIPA 2016 exhibition along with the other winners.

Gilbert Chong Ming Jin (Malaysia), who won the 4th place in the category, embodied the symbolism of the red colour in the Eastern cultures with his beautiful picture, influenced by his Chinese roots.

Ilona Balitskaya (Russia) won the 5th place in category. She is a professional photographer, trained in Moscow and experienced in fashion and art projects as a photographer, but also as a producer and art director. Her pursuit of uniqueness and crush for fantasy led her to exploration of the Greek Mythology which won her an award in VIPA 2016.


Sarah Caldwell (New Zealand) – the winner in this category – has been an airline pilot, passionate skier and tennis player, who has grabbed the opportunity her work, gave her to travel the world and take photos of various places. Her view of the Hintze Hall in the Natural History Museum in London captures a rare moment, when there are no people at sight.


Adrian Ioan Ciulea (Romania) won the 2nd place in the category with the great spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum, designed by Giuseppe Mom in 1932. 

Sergey Logvenkov (Russia) won the 3rd place with a shot of Dusselfdorf architecture, made during his trip in Germany.

Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia) was awarded for his photograph of thousands of red houses built on the slopes of Sertar valley in the mountain between Tibet and China. He also won the 3rd place in People category with the photo of Vietnamese woman, making a fishing net.


Tanveer Hassan Rohan (Bangladesh) is a winner of the 1st place in Reportage photography with his shot of the fire fighters extinguishing the flames in Madhya Badda. He has won more than 300 international photography awards. He in his own words, “enjoys the experience that photography offers, which is to capture Earth’s beautiful and awe-inspiring moments.” He won the 2nd place in People category with his photo of a group of children enjoying their bath.


K M Asad (Bangladesh) is a documentary photographer and journalists. He captured the aftermath of the cyclone in Bangladesh in 2007, and witnessed the grim living condition of the people in the countryside. His winning photograph is of the refugees from the conflict in Mianmar in 2012. 

Fernando Famiani (Italy) is the 3rd winner in this category for his spectacular shot of erupting Etna volcano. He won the 5th place in Food category as well.

Prashanta Kumar Saha shows us the tragedy of the victims of collapsed building in Sava. Almost 300 people lost their lives during the accident.


Commercial photographer Mihai Penghios (Romania) won the 1st place in Food category, playing with natural light and then enjoying his tasty models. Penghios specializes in interior, food, product and portrait photography.


Using the light painting technique Marta Quintavalle (Italy) created a tridimensional effect of this modern nature mort, which wined her the 3rd place.

Hristo Hristov (Bulgaria) made his photograph as part of campaign to help the child with cerebral palsy to walk again. Part of his prize has been donated to the cause.


Sandra Ventura (Portugal) is the winner in People category for her picture of the loneliness of the third age.


Tatsiana Tsyhanova (Russia) won the 4th place with an emotional portrait of a small girl’s expressive face.

After we went through all of the beautiful images one cannot help but wonder whether he or she could be one of the winners this year. Join VIPA 2017 to see how far can you go and bear in mind the example of the people you just got to know – they will be judging the photos you will send us. Good luck!


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