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Photography Contests you should join in 2017

  • September 7, 2017
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Have you entered VIPA 2017? This is a chance to become a part of the big VOUBS community with 100 000 users, to participate in 24 contest with low entry fee (20 WINGS = 9,60 Euro) and to be judged by an International Jury of 20 members. 24 winners will be a part of the competition to win the award Photographer of the Year, Golden VOUBS statue and 5000 Euro, and a total of 23 000 Euro cash awards will be distributed between them.

But if you love competitions and enjoy race for the 1st place, there are even more great photography contests you should join this year. Take a look at our recommendations.


1. SONY World Photography Awards 2018

World Photographer Organization organizes in partnership with SONY 4 of the world’s leading photography competitions. You can choose one of the following: Professional – for a body of work (deadline 11 January 2018), Open – 10 categories awarding the best single image (deadline 4 January 2017), Youth – for 12–19 years old, a single image responding to one brief (deadline 4 January 2018) and Student Focus – for everyone studying photography (deadline 4 December 2017).

One of the leading benefits of these contests is that not only the winners, but also the shortlisted and commented photographers have the chance to receive global exposure.



Black&White is always stylish and fashionable. Here you can choose between 14 professional and 14 amateur categories to show your inspiration and talent. Final deadline is 19 November 2017. Jury consists of renowned black-and-white photographers from all over the world. Photographs of the first, second and thirst place winners, and other, recognized by the jury, from both categories will be published in the Monochrome Photography Awards annual book.



3. Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2018

4th Fine Art Photography Awards offers early bird access without entry fee if you enter the contest till 15 October. Winners of Professional and Amateur category will be awarded with 3000 and 2000 $ respectively plus certificates and opportunity to be showcased at the Winners Gallery and earn international publicity.




The international competition of color photography is open to both professionals and amateurs. You can gain prestige and money awards participating in any of 20 categories. The international jury is composed of magazine editors, gallery curators, professional agents and other professionals from the area. Deadline is 5 November 2017.


5. Proify International Photo Competition

12 unique categories – from wedding shots to street photography, portraits and landscapes, and over 5000$ in Prize. This contest can help you get attention and recognition, building a successful career in photography. Users are encouraged to enter more than one category.


We know that people who are in love with shooting, has that itch for creating powerful images of stunning beauty or capturing touching moments wherever they go. Share your moments collected throughout the year with the rest of the world – it’s worth it!


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