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10 most successful online photography contests of VOUBS

  • September 21, 2017
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Photography is the most popular contest topic we in VOUBS, have ever explored! It seems to us that people really like to share with the world their point of view and their unique way of seeing things. And the results are truly amazing.

Let’s find out together which the most successful photography contests are.

1. People photography/VIPA 2016

As social beings, it is natural for the people to be most interested in other people. The People category in last year’s VIPA gathered 174 participants. The best 5 photographs won the amazing 6000 euro. First place went to Sandra Ventura from Portugal and her photo In the dark, depicting the loneliness of the third age. She received 2000 euro for her achievement.

2. Reportage photography/VIPA 2016

This difficult genre gathered fewer participants, but the photographs they have sent us without exaggeration succeeded in catching the spirit of our time.

First place and 2000 euros won Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan from Bangladesh with his photo of the firefighters in Madhya Badda. They teamed up with the local people to save the entire neighborhood from burning.

3. Architectural photography/VIPA 2016

Buildings could be the easiest or the most difficult object to shoot. Fame could be a curse for the originality or composition of the shot. Maybe that is the reason for the lower number of customers in this particular category, but it had nevertheless some really stunning photos. The winning shot is of the Natural History Museum in London. It was made by Sarah Caldwell from New Zealand in the late afternoon, near the closing time when there were no people to be seen.

4. Attractive photographs from Bulgaria/VIPA 2016

Although a small in territory Bulgaria has a lot to offer for experienced or amateur photographers because it is so rich of historical and natural sites with stunning beauty. We have already shown you the winning photo of Ahtopol at sunrise, named Sentry, made by Veselin Atanasov, that is why we chose to add the image of another participant in the contest. Boyana Boycheva’s picture of Belogradchik Rocks shows their majestic profile dominating the surroundings of this small northern Bulgarian town.

5. Food photography/VIPA 2016

To eat or to shoot – that is the dilemma of the photographer standing in front of seductive peace of art in the form of food. And looking at the photos sent for this contest category we understand them very well. Here we present you not the winner but another participant from Italy. Fernando Famiani shows us the delicious cottage cheese from Sicily on idyllic farmer style arrangement.

6. Fashion photography/VIPA 2016

Fashion is not only glamour magazines and the floodlights on the catwalk. It could be this touching photo of the little daughter trying her mother shoes. Who knows – she could be the next Koko! Florin Mircea from Romania has captured this precious moment. This is not the winning photo, but it is wonderful example of creativity and inspiration.

7. Cutest baby photo

Babies are always cute, so the challenge here is to beat the competition! The best photo amongst 742 participants was that of The sleeping warrior, made by MaRia Mc from the EU. It has captured a rare moment of weariness when the little Viking stands still for a pose.

8. Most beautiful landscape photos

It’s obvious for us that nature is the greatest inspirer! Most beautiful landscape photo gathered 1232 participants. The winner is Maya Ilieva from Bulgaria and her object is the magnificent slopes of Pirin Mountain, covered with snow in a beautiful sunny day.

9. Yellow and orange

The world around us vibrates with colors. The focus in this contest was orange – which is the balance of playful yellow and passionate red, and orange – its flamboyant cousin. 382 participants took part in it, but the first place went to Daniel Kusak from Czech Republic and his colorful silhouette alongside a bridge by Uhersky Brod’s railway station.

10. Winter fairytale

The magic of winter is always white that is why the photos made during the winter are always magical! When the land is covered with snow, even familiar surroundings may adopt a completely different perspective and there are many opportunities for unique images.

The winner amongst 400 participants is Nadezhda Raycheva with her shot of the winter night in the park, called Before the midnight.

With the start of VIPA 2017 there are so many active contests on our webpage that even the most capricious photographer could choose a suitable topic or award or challenge for him or her. Don’t miss the opportunity we gave you, enter a competition and meet your peers from around the world!


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