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12 free monthly photography contests to join 2017–2018

  • September 28, 2017
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1st of October is the starting date for VOUBS monthly amateur FREE contests! Top 10 Photos of the Month aims to select the 10 best photographers and award them with WINGS. Enter one or more (why not even all of them) and you could test your abilities in a real-time competition.

Top 10 ranked photos will be awarded with 300 WINGS in total. WINGS is the Voubs’ virtual currency, which can be bought at the rate of EUR 0.48 for 1 WING. There are plenty of contests in which you could win WINGS and enter the paid ones. It doesn’t matter if you are professional or amateur, or what country do you live in. The more monthly contests you win, the more WINGS you will have for paying the entry fee in the premium or professional contests with lots of cash awards. There is no genre or topics limitation for entering the competition. Everyone could upload a photograph on his or her choosing – the final result will be decided by the jury (60%) and by the audience voting (40%). The jury panel of the contest consists of at least 3 people, selected by the organizer – Famozzo Group Ltd. It has a minimum of 30 days for registration and a minimum of 30 days for voting. Ranking becomes visible 7 days before the end of the contest.

Remember: there is no entry fee for entering the monthly contest. Every month from October 2017 till October 2018 you will have the chance to be one of the best 10 photographers, chosen to receive WINGS.

Every single contest starts at the 1st of the respective month. As one of the VOUBS amateur license contests they comply with certain standards and rules imposed by VOUBS to acquire this license – please, read them carefully before submitting your photographs. Here we’ve listed all 13 contests for you to make them easier to follow.

1. The October contest starts tomorrow and it will remain open for registration for a full month. This is valid for every one of the monthly contests.

2. The November contest starts on 1st of November.

3. The December contest starts on 1st of December.

4. The January 2018 contest starts on 1st of January 2018.

5. The February contest starts on 1st of February. Be prepared – this is the shortest of months and your time will be limited.

6. The March contest starts on 1st of March.

7. The April contest starts on 1st of April and it’s not a joke.

8. The May contest starts of 1st of May.

9. The June contest starts on 1st of June.

10. The July contest starts on 1st of July.

11. The August contest starts on 1st of August.

12. The September contest starts on 1st of September.

13. The October contest starts on 1st of October. This will be the last chance to join this round.

VOUBS recommends you to register in the site and hit the follow button to receive notifications when there is a key deadline coming. This is how your will learn when the next contest is open for registration and you will be able to plan your participation better. Visit regularly your VOUBS profile to read new notifications. We are waiting for you!

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