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24 Photography contests that will decide the new "Photographer of the year"

  • October 5, 2017
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All six categories of VIPA 2017 are now open. The 24 contests will decide who will be the new “Photographer of the year”. He will receive the Golden Voubs statuette and 5000 euro in cash! Here we offer you short descriptions of all of the contests to make it easier for you to choose where to put your efforts in.

First category: People

Children - Photographing children is a hard task, because they usually don’t like to pose when you need that. The magic happens when you start following them. You can catch funny faces, playful or touching moments in really fascinating shots.

Portraits In this photographic genre the expression of the face is predominant. The intent here is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. For this reason, in photography a portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the photographer.


Family - Spending time with the people closest to you is always meaningful. Catching one of those moments when you are fully emerged in communication or sharing tenderness is very special. Share with our audience your most unforgettable moments.


Lifestyle - Lifestyle photography is the story told by images. People and the meaningful events happening to them is the center of the shot. Authentic situations which the photographer is merely observing and capturing in their cameras are the most valuable occasions to be presented on.


Second category: Advertising

Fashion - The glamour and fame are usually associated with fashion… and creativity too. Use its infinite possibilities to walk the extra mile to perfection.


Food - Making photographs of food could be cheesy or could be an expression of artistic imagination similar to nature mort. It’s up to your experience and imagination to make the difference.

Product - A product is one of the main areas of advertising. It could seem boring topic, but nothing is far from the truth. Here you can really prove how creative you could be. A little trick is to always shoot the product in situ. 


Vehicle - This modern miracle is alluring object to many. Typical vehicles include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles; trucks; and buses), railed vehicles (trains; trams), watercraft (ships; boats), aircrafts and spacecraft’s, and even more bizarre like prototype hovercrafts and jets.


Third category: Nature

Landscape - Mother Nature always has some awesome views for us. Human eye couldn’t get tired of its beauty and grandeur – take advantage of this and try to capture your favourite place the way it’s never seen before.

Macro - The main object of macro photography is usually very small or at extreme close up. Here it is all about the smallest details.

Underwater - Oceans are the last border here on Earth, and never seize to fascinate us. Everything looks more interesting when it's under the sea – it’s a whole new world down there.

Wildlife - A great wildlife photograph could be a result of being in the right place at the right time or of great patience and dedication. So prepare either to wait and wait and wait or to challenge your chance. 

Fourth category: Architecture

Bridges - Connecting constructions have been a real wonder since the ancient times. Utilitarian or used as a beautiful detail, decorating the garden, bridges can trigger the power of your imagination.

Buildings - Modern or ancient, shiny or ruined, at broad daylight or haunted by the evening shadows… Playing with the light and reflections, with angles and perspectives can make even the most ordinary building look extraordinary. 

Cityscape - City landscapes are like anything you’ve ever seen. Mountains of glass and trees of bricks, river of streets and oceans of people. Explore this new domain of man with the tools man has created.

Interior - This is another great and not so overexplored topic to express your creativity. There are so many styles and designs that nothing could excuse a boring shot.

Fifth category: Reportage

Culture - Culture include language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, arts... Here you can capture tradition and modernity in people’s life, regional differences and globalistic trends.  

Event - Events photography combines something of the reportage and lifestyle genre. This is a coverage of different occasions around the world, such as weddings, parties, birthdays, balls, ceremonies, awards, concerts. 

News - News photographers or photojournalists are present at the hottest spots in the world, capturing natural disasters and wars, but also big celebrations and political or economic forums. Their photographs capture our world and store it as history for the future generations.

Politics - Although it could be considered as part of News or Reportage genre, politics is narrower and more specific type of photography. It is always a challenge – whether to get to your object, or to overcome the prejudices towards them.

Sixth category: Special 

Night - Some say that light is the most important thing in photography and we totally agree, especially when it comes to nighttime shots. Play with light, reflections and movement to create your own best images.

Sports - Sport and sport events are a stage of various emotions, explosions of passion, joy and tears no one could remain indifferent to. Are you a sport fan? Win the contests while watching your favourite game.

Travel - Our world is filled with countless wonders, amazing new locations are found and photographed every day. Earth has places with indescribable beauty and there are passionate travelers who want to document each and every one of them.

Wedding - Wedding photographs require lots of organization and tons of preparation. Wedding photographer work in a very stressful environment caused by the expectations and needs of the relatives and the guests. Reactions of the newlyweds and guests of the event are quite unpredictable throughout. Therefore, you must be prepared to be able to catch the right moment.


Join in and follow the rules 

Official VIPA 2017 page >>> https://www.voubs.com/vipa/2017

Jury team of 20 experts and users will vote for the best photographs. You will have the opportunity to influence the final results – you could use virtual currency to promote your participation. Contest winners with the highest total score and 1st place will win 500 euro prize plus 10% refund of the entry fee. All participants from 2nd to 20th place will receive an encouragement award of 50 WINGS.

If you participate in all 6 VIPA categories, your chance to be crowned as the world Photographer of the Year is much bigger. The winner will receive an additional payment of 5000 Euro, Golden VOUBS and Certificate.

Here is a short list with technical requirements for the contests, but we recommend you to read carefully the description and rules for every contest.

• Minimum file size should be 1 MB

• Original file size in MP should be: 15MP + (or more) i.e., the short side to be at least 3800 pixels (Similar to: 70.45 x 100.64 cm at 137Dpi)

• Photographs should be not participating in other VOUBS contests

• Acceptable file formats for original print: TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG

• For TIF – no limitations

• All participants should be able to provide the maximum file size if selected among the winners

Good luck!

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