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Top 10 Photos October 2017

  • December 15, 2017
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First of our monthly contests has finished and now we can present you the top 10 photos of October 2017. 220 participants took part in it and sent us their beautiful photographs, but only the 10 best ranked will share the award of 300 WINGS.

1. First place wins Aleksandar Dragisevski from Kumanovo, Maceodonia with his photograph of camels, taken in the Dubai desert. Camels in Desert has been made with Nikon D5200. He receives 75 WINGS.

2. Second place and WINGS  goes to Ghazanfar Ali Shah from Dubai, UAE for his photo Rise & Glow. It represents the first morning sunlight around the Wanaka Tree and a masterful play with reflections.

3. Third place and WINGS goes to Autumn in the Park by Veselina Baleva from Bulgaria. It emits the serenity of the forest in the nature park – utilized but unharmed of the human activities.

4. Fourth place and 35 WINGS is for Autumn flowers by Sandra Ventura from Lisbon, Portugal. The beauty of the new life coming and expectance of is symbolized by the flowers covering the body of the woman.

5. Fifth place and 30 WINGS won Chinmoy Biswas’s Worker’s morning. It shows us the hard life of the Indian brick workers, carrying soil in their cart through a dam.

6. Golden silence won the Sixth place and 25 WINGS. Its author, Tsvetelina Zlatareva from Bulgaria, has sent us a very poetic description of her shot:

Don't come after…
Don't come after…
Please don't follow me along…
When you read this I'll be gone...

7. Seventh place and 20 WINGS is for A little house on the rock in the Drina river, sent by Bojan Jeremic from Serbia. The stunning image of a house, perched on a steep rock in the middle of the river and flushed by the last sun rays is really haunting.

8. The liquid autumn gold captured in this impressive shot of the Rodopi Mountain River is well worth the Eight place and 15 WINGS. The photograph is called the Golden month and is sent by Plamen Troshev from Bulgaria.

9. This is the second recognition for Chinmoy Biswas in the contest. Ninth place and 10 WINGS goes to his shot Waves of colours. In it he has brought two differently coloured caterpillars of the same species on a branch of tree.

10. And the Tenth place plus 5 WINGS is for River Bann by Diana Ivanova from Coleraine, United Kingdom. It shows us part of the beautiful riverbank park of Coleraine and some of his inhabitants.

There are many more photos in this contest that we cannot present you here. Visit its page at VOUBS and check them out!

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